Winter Survival Tips: Learn 10 ways for How to stay warm in winter

Winter Survival Tips

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Temperatures in the northern parts of our country have reached single digits and are approaching the negative scales. Like all other big cities, Delhi’s winter season to has its own share of pros and cons. People visiting the city for the first time in winters need to be aware of the weather situations and take necessary precautions for winter survival. According to previous records, this season has been the coldest December since 1901 and the temperature has dropped to as low as 2.4 degrees Celcius. We can ensure how to stay warm in winter in Delhi comfortably and here are some tips regarding the same.

Dress Adequately

Make sure you cover yourself completely and generously before stepping out. Make sure any part of your body that is prone to frostbites is not exposed to the wind. Don’t compromise on gloves and socks and do wear mufflers, caps, etc to ensure that your body temperature is at the right level to feel stay warm in cold.

Wet clothes

If you happen to wet yourself in a light shower or rain, make sure to change your clothes as soon as possible. Otherwise, your body will start reacting to the cold and you will be at risk of catching a cold, a fever or even frostbite.

Stay Active

Try twice as hard as you would have in summer, to stay active. Focus on all the positive things and don’t hole yourself up in the house. To stay fit and active, you have to make an effort otherwise you’ll end up becoming lethargic and gain a lot more weight. You can always take a break if you are sick but not end up lying on the couch all the time.

Be attentive to symptoms of a cold

Never ignore early symptoms of a disease or it may lead to further risks. Attend to the early sign of a frostbite & ensure to seek medical assistance and keep your body warm before the problem increases in magnitude. Make sure to combat it at its early onset.

Protect your injuries (if you have any)

You have to make sure that the wounded areas of your body are well protected and not exposed to cold, dust or dirt because that would make the problem even worse for you. Pay adequate attention to your injuries and don’t let the winter worsen your situation.

Wear layers

Instead of loading a huge jacket on yourself, plan your outfit in layers. Wear cots– wool (cotton wool)or a high neck tee as a base, layer it with a tee-shirt and then maybe a shirt and over it your sweater. If you still feel the chill, cover yourself with another woolen. This way, layers of air would be trapped inside and that would be an efficient strategy to help you combat the freezing temperature.

Extra care for children and Elderly people: Extra care should be taken to avoid unnecessary exposure of children and elderly to the chilly winds of early morning and late evening time.

Cover your eyes and nose

The dry cold air can cause a lot of annoyances. You could start sneezing due to the dry air entering your nose. Make sure you cover your mouth and nose properly if the wind bothers you much.

Drink and bathe in lukewarm water

With the freezing temperatures, you cannot drink the ice-cold water. Make sure you only drink lukewarm water else you might end up getting throat infections or a sore throat. Besides, it would be suicide to take a bath in the ice-cold tap water. Instead, try bathing in lukewarm water. It would provide you with warmth, the steam would freshen up your mind and you would feel fresh after the bath.

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin

You are very much likely to suffer from dry and flaky skin in the winter. That could be really annoying and cause much discomfort. Make sure to moisturize your skin, heels, and lips too, otherwise, they could crack and bleed.

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