Valentine’s Day 2021-The Love Week Celebration

Happy Valentine's day

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Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day of the year & it is celebrated throughout a week with different days, so it’s also called the love week. This special week of the year starts from 7th February & ends on 14th February.

Valentine’s Day-The Love Week:

The love week of 2021 has been going to be started next month & in the complete list following are the days which have been celebrated by the youth of the country with great excitement.

Love week
Popular Days Dated
Rose Day 7th Feb
Propose Day 8th Feb
Chocolate Day 9th Feb
Teddy Day 10th Feb
Promise Day 11th Feb
Hug Day 12th Feb
Kiss Day 13th Feb
Valentine’s Day 14th Feb


How’s the Love week celebrated?

  1. Rose Day;

Rose is the flower that symbolizes love. Rose Day is the beginning of the love week. On this day you can present the bunch of roses to your near & dear ones or for those who are just close to your heart. This day has as much importance as Valentine’s Day.

  1. Propose Day:

This day is known to propose your beloved ones. On this day youngsters propose to their prospective boyfriend/ girlfriends & it can be the best romantic moments of one’s life. If you are loving someone then this day can be the best day to share your feelings with him/her & to propose.

  1. Chocolate Day:

Valentine’s Week is very famous around the world as it has different days to celebrate. One of them is chocolate day. You can showcase our love with your partner by gifting each other chocolates & add sweetness to your relationship. The best way to celebrate this day by spending quality time with each other.

  1. Teddy Day:

Teddy is the soft stuffed toy which symbolizes the love & care. It can ease our stress & make us feel light & happy. It reminds us of peace, comfort & being loved. On teddy day people gift teddies to each other So we can say that by gifting teddy on this special day creates your importance in someone’s heart & life.

  1. Promise Day:

When you are in a relationship then the most important factor to keep it is faith & trust. You are always given promise in each & every relation & try to keep them lifelong. So this is the perfect day to make a promise to be with your partner forever by gifting special promise day gifts.

  1. Hug Day:

A hug is a special gesture that you can give to someone you love & care about. When the words fail to describe anything then Hug is the special way to show your affection & feelings. You can perfectly share your best moments on this day with your beloved.

  1. Kiss Day:

In the Valentine’s Day week, 13th February is celebrated as Kiss Day. It is the best romantic day of valentine’s week. It is the most awaited day for lovers as through kiss you can express you’re those feelings which you are unable to describe through words. Kiss is the intimate gesture of love & it can be the best gifting from a lover to his/her beloved partner.

About Valentine Day:

Valentine Day is the day especially meant for love & relationships. It is celebrated on 14th February every year in many places around the world. People in a relationship especially exchange gifts with each other to keep this day memorable to them. People are sending gifts to their beloved ones & thus expressing their affection towards each other.

Valentine Day is celebrated in different countries & their way of celebration is different as per their cultures & traditions. Valentine Day is particularly associated with romance & love. A marriage proposal is also being made on this special day.

In the past years, Valentine’s day has been celebrated as a ritual festival, people celebrate this day with great happiness & they love to share & exchange gifts with anyone like this colleague, family members, relatives, friends, love partners, etc. But now these days’ people are only meant this day for love partners. We would like to inform that there are no rules for this day. You can enjoy it fully hearted with anyone & however you want. You just need to figure out what kind’s enjoyment you want to do on this day. Nice dining out, going for the movie, hosting a great party with friends, Going Outstation with your partner or you can simply prepare a perfect meal for the dinner.

Why Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Valentine’s Day is an old roman festival. Romans celebrate the festival named “Lupercalia” in the month of February & particularly associated with romantic love. The day gets its name from the very famous saint “St Valentine”, the priest of Rome. In ancient Rome, Emperor Claudius 2 had banned marriages because as per his thinking means, who are married, they are bad soldiers but St Valentine was against this rule & he believes in secret marriages. When the emperor got to knew about it, he sent the saint in the jail & sentenced to death. In jail he fell in love with the daughter of jailer & on 14th February when the time came to hang on death he wrote a love letter to his beloved signed by “From your Valentine”. Gradually his name has been started to be used by those people who want to express their love feelings to their beloved or partners. So this day is celebrated in the honor of his name & also to make the welcome of the spring season.

Gifts for Valentine Day:

Valentine Day is the most romantic day of the year & it can be made more enjoyable by offering unique gifts for him/her. Whether you are looking to surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or fiancée this day is the perfect occasion. Whatever you are going to choose, if that comes with your heart is highly appreciated with your partner. You can find exciting gifts offline as well as in an online store in the month of February with special discounts or offers. There are a wide variety of gifts for this special day & some of them are given below;

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her:

You can make your girlfriend /wife skip a beat by offering her special types of gifts on Valentine’s Day. Sure she will get delighted to have them. The beautiful range in this can be as follows;

  1. Greetings Cards;

Greetings cards are the best way to express your feelings or to give words to your feelings. By sending or presenting greeting cards with thoughtful messages to your beloved one on this day & it provides the best opportunity to connect wholeheartedly. Nowadays you can also send personalized greeting cards & send them online as eCards.

  1. Jewelry Items;

Particularly Jewelry is the item that is most loved by women’s/girls of any age . You can make this day more beautiful & remarkable by gifting real gold/Silver jewelry otherwise you can also make it memorable by gifting artificial imitation jewelry. The items can be earrings, rings, bangles & bracelets, necklaces, pendants, anklets, etc.

  1. Wrist Watches;

Watches enhance the overall personality of women. A wide variety of branded & fashionable wristwatches are available in the market. You can also take advantage of online offers too. The popular brand for this category is Fast-track, Titan, Maxima, Sonata, Timex and Tommy Hilfiger.

  1. Chocolates;

The best item that you can gift you loves partner or beloved one on the special day of Valentine’s in none other than chocolates. Chocolates are mostly liked & loved by girls & women’s & this can be the perfect valentine gift. By offering chocolates you can add sweetness to your life & relations. A wide range of chocolates are available in the market with exotic flavors & they are presented in designer boxes, baskets & as a gift hampers.

  1. Flowers;

Flowers are vibrant, colorful & aromatic & as per their qualities, they can add up their fragrance too into your relations. Beautiful flowers can make everyone smile so it can be the perfect gift for Valentine Day as no one can refuse to accept them if you are going to initiate any relationship/friendship or to propose your girlfriend to be your lifetime partner.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him:

This valentine you can romance with your man with thoughtful gifts. He’s sure to be impressed by the unique & personalized items which you are planning to gift him & some of them are given below;

  1. Cosmetics & Spa Hampers:

You can surprise your loved one by gifting a unique spa hamper. Men’s grooming kit can be made with all utility products in perfect packaging. You can add herbal & Ayurveda products also as they are the best organic products with amazing benefits.

  1. Wallets:

Men’s wallet is a very useful item as it contains all necessary items, credit & debit cards, driving license Passport & of course money as well. This is one of the categories which are overlooked in the attire of men’s & boys. A huge variety of wallets are available in the market nowadays. Archie’s Gallery is the best shop to buy genuine leather wallets for men. Branded stylish wallets are a necessity so it can be used as a perfect gifting option.

  1. Men’s Jewelry:

You can purchase a pure gold ring/Silver ring for your life partner. Gold or silver chains are the other options that you can opt & gift it in a decorative box. In men’s jewelry items you can include a wide range of other products like pendants, bands, cuff-links, kurta buttons & Kada as well.

  1. Personalized Gifts:

Personalized gifts are the best way to express your love for your partner as you can customize items as per your thoughts & wish. Whatever you want to be written or pasted on the particular item can be done & you can give words to your feelings so that they can be better understood. The products to be chosen can be Cushion covers, Photo frames, T-shirts, coffee mugs, water bottles, etc.

Final Words:

There is one happiness in the world for everyone is to love & to be loved. So Valentine’s Day is a time which can be used to celebrate the pleasure of being in love. So enjoy this special day with your special one & make it worth remembering a lifetime!

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