Top small business ideas with low investments & high profit in India

Small business ideas

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Any small business owner wishes to make profit. Yet it can be particularly challenging to do so early on. You can still hope to create profitable small business if you don’t have huge amount of money or resources to get your business running. In this blog We are going to discuss about business ideas with low investment and high profit which can bring higher returns.

1. Small Business Ideas:

a) Blogging:

First of all, do you know what a blog is? A blog is a type of website on which one writes and publishes content on different topics so that the user can read it. One of the objectives of writing blogs is that it reaches the target audience for whom it is meant.  The more people read your blog, the more you can earn from your blog.

If the quality of the blog content is good, more visitors will visit your blog even if you write content on a random topic.

Investment: 3000 to 5000 INR ($27 to $30)

b) Fitness Trainer:

The fitness industry is very self-regulated and so you have to be cautious among credible education, training, and certification program. Many groups use a quick food approach with a weekend warrior crash program or a web course with a written qualifier exam only.

Find a university hosted certification that only runs its semester program during a higher learning environment. This will make sure if you have the simplest tools to achieve success with the clients and employers.

Investment: 6000 to 10000 INR ($100 to $200)

c) Event Management:

Something like event management is extremely practical because of the quite approach it incorporates. So regardless of where you’re on the ladder, an internship is usually the simplest way to go ahead with it. If you’re planning to travel outside for your graduation, or maybe if you want to change your career path, an internship is the best choice to find out whether you are interested or not in event management.

You can also work part-time in an Event Management Company if you are a student or a working professional. Look for startup companies as they encourage fresh talents. Alternatively, you can also volunteer for the events surrounding you. This helps you to gain practical exposure to the whole world of “Event Management”.

See what seems appropriate to you, and do the research. It always helps!

Investment: 5000 to 6000 INR ($70 to $150)

d) Hairdresser and makeup artist :

You can learn and use YouTube or other social media platforms to market your skills. There are several fashion shows and conferences which are held frequently. For instance, this weekend there is “The Makeup Show”, which features a lot of guest speakers and also several vendors from where you’ll get products at a less price. A number of these vendors also host several classes from where you can learn more about their programs and opportunities! To set up this business one can avail of the government scheme named ‘Credit Guarantee funds Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises’.

Investment: 5000 to 15000 INR ($80 to $150)

e) Photographer:

The simplest way is to think about it is that if you need a photography service, where will you search for it.

For example: If you are not a photographer but have an occasion where you want a photographer, what will you do.

You can also assist a photographer who is already in this business & take assignments from him.It will take a minimum of one year for any business to generate profit because its investment is low. So you need to have patience and stick to your decision.

Investment: 1000 to 4000 INR ($50 to $100)

f) Travel Planner:

The travel industry is changing rapidly. People now check traveling from a search point of view rather than the traditional ‘visiting’ frame of mind. People with high incomes are adopting travel as a lifestyle rather than a luxury.

To tackle this alteration, there are a couple of startups that are available and have come in the picture. As compared to travel businesses like Make My Trip and Yaatra companies like Travart Explorations have come up with a fresh perspective and a tag line like- “Life-Altering Life Experiences!” They mostly focus on the traveling “EXPERIENCES” and explores it in a way it’s meant to be, rather than in the form of agent-like “selling” frame of mind. Their itineraries are heavily inspired by real-time travel/destination experts. They bluntly claim- “Say No to Travel Agents”

Investment: 1000 to 4000 INR ($50 to $100)

2. Low business investment

a) Partnership with Dropshipper:

Dropshipping is a good way to get started with the e-commerce industry because it is comparatively a low-risk business since you are not required to buy the whole inventory. Dropshipping is extremely common for e-commerce sellers to earn a living, but it should be noted that not every product is bound to be lucrative. It is vital to understand which products are viable to sell, where to sell them, and at what price. This takes tons of marketing research, but because of platforms like Algopix, you don’t need to do that manually. Algopix collects sales data from Amazon, Walmart, and eBay marketplaces across the world to assist you in preparing the proper business decisions.

Investment: 1000 to 3000 INR approx. ($40 approx.)

b) Launch your own book:

Before launching your own book, you need to read a lot of books.Find out what kind of writing suits you! Read books of famous authors. Now, compare them with lesser-known writers. Check where these writers excel, or where they come short. Purely as an exercise, try your hand at writing within the sort of various established writers. Are you able to do it? Are you able to analyze different writers and write something within the sort of each?  Eventually, you will find out your own style, and while consciously writing in several styles you will develop the o writing skills you need. One can start this business with the government scheme called ‘MSME Business Loans in 59 Minutes’ for the capital requirement for publishing the book.

Investment: 3000 INR ($40 approx.)

c) Sell print-on-demand posters, greeting cards, and prints:

Handmade gifts are everyone’s favorite because they’re more personal. We love these cards mostly for its content rather than its appealing look. Are you good at writing or expressing your thoughts clearly in words? Then choose it. You can also choose it if you are good at art and are highly creative. These cards are important for various occasions and also in case of trivial occasions. Most of us love beautiful paintings especially when someone near and dear gifts one. Wall Posters and flowers made out of old paper or plastic and a couple of other materials like strings also look great. One can also make handmade gifts for any reception easily.

Investment: 1000 to 3000 INR ($50 to $80)

3. Home-based Business Ideas:

a) Freelancer:

Freelance writing is an excessively saturated industry. However, do not get demotivated by this statement because it’s also a highly paid industry. Quality writers/authors make 5-6 figure income every year, few even during a month.

Important: Your objective should be to enhance your content quality, vocabulary, and bookmarking reliable sources of data.

Listed below are some of the freelancing roles:

  • Content writer.
  • Digital marketer.
  • Logo designer.
  • Graphic designer.
  • Web developer.
  • Software developer.
  • Ghostwriter.
  • Business consultant.
  • Copyrighter.

Investment: 2000 to 8000 INR ($50 to $150)

b) Social media Influencer:

A fantastic example of the visibility that influencers can provide is Martina Saravia, who as you’ll remember was ‘exposed’ and ridiculed online a couple of weeks ago for her edited vacation photos where she used identical fake clouds across an outsized number of images.

It was such a bizarre story because the holiday photos were real other than the identical fake clouds that she added to the photos. Not only do social media influencers get to profit from their excellent editing skills but also get an opportunity to draw more influencers and artists to use their software.

Investment: 1000 to 10000 INR ($50 to $100)

c) Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing can lead you to become rich and without any limitations. In the affiliate marketing business, you can grow your bank balance to the maximum amount as you like.

If you understand the affiliate business properly, take the necessary steps, follow the procedure, and do legit honest efforts, nothing can stop you to make money from affiliate marketing.

Investment: 1000 to 5000 INR ($30 to $60)

4.  Women based business Ideas

a) Handmade candles:

Tell me who doesn’t love aroma candles? Everyone does. Simply use paraffin before you start making candles. This makes sure that you’ve a clean and flat surface. Next, measure the quantity of wax and melt it. Add the fragrance’s you wish and then hold the wick while pouring the wax into it. Finally, cut the wick and let it dry.

Investment: 1000 to 5000 ($50 to $100)

b) Pickles:

In today’s world, we’ve all kinds of processed pickles available which do not have that authentic taste we want from our grandparent’s kitchen.

It is believed that the pickles which are prepared the way our grandparents used to are one of the simplest things to possess and also helps in clearing our stomach.

Investment: 2000 to 5000 ($50 to $100)

c) Incense sticks (Agarbatti):

Agarbatti or incense sticks are a very profitable business. Anyone can make Agarbatti. The value of the Agarbatti machine is around 80k. Before starting this business, one needs to buy the staple that’s available kg wise as well as a variety of perfumes that comes with it.

Investment: 1000 to 5000 ($50 to $100)

d) Buttons:

For a long time now, buttons are in huge demand. There are a variety of designer buttons available in the market. There are big button markets in Mumbai and several other places. It’s a very simple and lucrative business. Although no one believes that a button business can give high profits, but it does.

Investment: 1000 to 5000 ($50 to $100)

e) Shoelaces:

There are several companies that make shoelaces. These companies earn a million dollars by just selling shoelaces. Owing to a variety of designer shoelaces that are available in the market, they are always in huge demand. One can use the government scheme ‘Credit Link Capital Subsidy Scheme for Technology Up=gradation’ for the mass production of shoelaces.

Investment: 1000 to 5000 ($50 to $1000)

f) Ice cream cones:

Everyone has that smile and excitement when they hear the word ice-cream. Due to the huge demand for frozen desserts, there are demands for ice-cream cones.

Investment: 1000 to 5000 ($50 to $100)

g) Handmade chocolates:

India is the only country that has the utmost consumption of chocolate per annum. Everyone loves eating chocolates, no matter if it is dark, bitter, or sweet.

Investment: 1000 to 10000 ($50 to $300)

h) Papad:

Papad is a thin and crispy snack that everyone loves to eat. At present, it has recently received a lot of recognition. All the restaurants provide papad either in a fried or roasted way, simply by adding some veggies and spices on it. This business method is completely simple and lucrative.

Investment: 1000 to 5000 ($50 to $100

i) Disposable plates and cups:

In every function, celebration, or small parties there is an enormous demand for disposable plates and cups. They are inexpensive, economical and therefore have more demand in the market. Nowadays, plastic cups and plates have been replaced by paper disposable plates and cups.

Investment: 1000 to 5000 ($50 to $100)

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