Top 5 Fitness Tips to Boost Weight Loss

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If you are someone who thinks that eating less and exercising more will lead to weight loss, then you are gravely mistaken. Losing weight requires certain activities and plans that include proper diet, power yoga, exercise, etc. But the list does not include starving yourself.

You must have heard so many weight loss and fitness tips by now, that they all might have jumbled up in your head and made you pretty confused as to which one to try. You don’t have infinite time in a day, hence, you cannot try out all the fitness tips you receive. Besides, all of them might not even work up to your expectations. So, you need a compact set of fitness tips to guide you in the right way for maximum weight loss.

Are you tired of listening to the same old weight loss tips over and over again that do not work?  If yes, then here is the ultimate list of top Fitness Tips you need to achieve maximum Weight Loss.

Pre Workout Nutrition before Training

Not everybody understands the importance of pre-workout meals. But these are extremely important because they provide you with the energy you need for workouts. Going to the gym without such energy supply translates to not being able to train properly. Remember, weight loss cannot be achieved by starving yourself.

Your body depends on the energy derived from glycogen produced by the carbohydrates you include in your meals. Your body cannot make use of fat during intense training as there is not enough oxygen available to use fat as fuel.

Plenty of people can’t decide what should be included in a pre-workout meal. The answer is simple: You need to add Carbohydrates and Protein in these meals. For example, if you eat fruits, smoothies, or vegetables around 1 or 2 hours before your training, then that will supply your body with glycogen. If your glycogen levels are low, then your performance level will stutter. Research suggests that protein drinks like whey and casein are extremely effective. Your muscles will derive around 2 times more benefit from these drinks.

Post Workout Nutrition for Recovery

Post-workout meal is equally important to pre-workout meals, if not more. Your body needs to recover from the intense training sessions. After your training session, you have 45 minutes to replenish your body’s essential energy components like carbs, protein, and some essential fats. These will help you with tissue repair and growth. These post-exercise meals could be a drink, like a smoothie, since they can be digested easily. Generally, a ratio of 2g carbs/ 1g protein is advised.

The carbs you consume should be highly glycemic and the proteins need to be easy to digest. Pre and Post Nutrition meals fall in the category of Fitness Tips that you must follow. Otherwise, you would not be able to bear the strain of intense workouts.

If you are worried and thinking that including these two meals (pre and post-workout) might lead to gaining even more weight, then you are wrong. These two nutrition-packed meals are extremely important for your workout. Otherwise, you will just wear out your muscles during the exercise session.

Consume Protein in All Meals

We all know that protein is the major building block of muscles. Hence, for weight loss, you cannot cut your protein intake. You might even need to increase it. Fitness tips should always include this important point. Your daily protein needs have to be calculated as per your body weight (not via the percent of your calories).

You need to consume protein every 3 to 4 hours of the day, with every meal you consume in the day. Your dinner should have slow-digesting protein. This way you will get a continuous supply of amino acids throughout the night.

Drink Sufficient Water

You need to consume around 6 liters of water every day. It is funny how a lot of people know this but don’t follow the same. But your water intake depends on your body weight. Your muscles consist of 70% water, hence, dehydrating yourself can essentially drain you. Also, during workout sessions, drink an extra cup of water every 15 minutes. If your training period lasts for more than 1 hour, then you need a drink rich in carbs and protein. In case, you are facing problems with consuming sufficient water every day, then you can set reminders that will remind you to drink water after a set period, throughout the day.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a type of yoga that strives to give you a toned figure with a much stronger core and increased overall flexibility. It will help you streamline your body. Power Yoga effectively burns all those extra calories you have. Besides, it helps you gain a lean set of muscle mass that would, in turn, boost your metabolism. This means that power yoga burns out a considerable amount of fat. As a result, you will be rewarded with a permanent weight loss.

In addition to these benefits, power yoga also helps you get rid of stress, tension and improves your focus.

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