The Science Of The Yogic Culture


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For a long time, humans have survived on the planet earth. Some senses, a highly developed brain, emotional guidance, and years of evolution have led us to be one of the most efficient animals on this planet.

For as long as humans have lived, they have been curious to know about what lies beyond our experience of the world and be a part of something bigger than us. This thirst and craving for knowledge to understand things beyond our reach have driven curious people to spend their entire lives in search of some kind of answer.

Science is one way to search for the unknown while not the only one. Many people have been identified as enlightened beings and all they talked about was understood later on through people experiencing blissfulness through practices in yoga and meditation.

Today, yoga has become an important tool for many people to change their lives and yoga teacher training courses also allow one to learn and give this knowledge to other people in order to help them benefit from it.


Fundamental science and mathematics have proved to be of great use to humankind. Applications of theories studied in science have led to the development of many devices and various technologies in the world that we all are benefitting from.

The concept of geometry has been studied through ancient Indian culture in Vedic math’s for a very long time. Geometry is the study of shapes through mathematical equations and formulations. Not all shapes can be identified in mathematical terms but some can be like a circle, triangle, or an ellipse.

Just like fundamental science, geometric laws and theories can accurately predict results for various shapes in the form of laws or equations. Nature shows us various geometric coincidences like electrons in an atom and the heavenly planets in the solar system revolve in elliptical orbits.


Geometry has various implications and consequences in our lives too. According to some people’s beliefs, the human body works better and much more efficiently if its geometry is correct. By the geometry of the human body, we mean the basic postures of our existence in the three-dimensional world.

Correct postures of standing, bending, sitting, and even sleeping are related to the geometry of one’s physical existence and yoga is all about correcting these postures, helping one to align perfectly with the cosmic geometry for overall well-being.

The ancient yogic techniques used this careful observation and put it into practice by identifying certain postures that are in perfect alignment with the correct geometry of the body. These are called asanas. People believe that practicing these asanas can help one go beyond their physical, mental, and emotional barriers and experience blissfulness and peace.


Apart from the age-old practice of asanas, many people are now learning various other forms of yoga and even learning to modify the existing practices according to their specific needs.

Numerous yoga teacher training courses are available these days for people to learn and teach new techniques for practicing this ancient technique and lead a balanced and healthy life.

Some new forms of yoga have also emerged recently and people have seen a visible improvement in their health and other concerns by consistently practicing them. Some examples include power yoga which is like an extensive exercise and helps to promote weight loss and toning of one’s body through vigorous movements and modified asanas.

Hatha yoga aims at improving one’s physical well-being and allowing one to experience the ultimate physical potential of the body. Combined with postures and breathing techniques, hatha yoga is one of the oldest forms of yoga.

Aerial yoga is one of the most difficult to practice but also one of the most rewarding ones. This form of yoga allows one to practice their postures and movements while hanging from ropes or elastics in the air. It is not only beneficial for physical fitness and arm strength; it also promotes healthy mental health by allowing one to improve their mental focus and concentration.

Other forms of yoga include a combination of asanas and breathing techniques to promote meditativeness in an individual like shambhavi mahamudra, or even work on unleashing the powerhouse of the hidden energy of kundalini in kundalini yoga.

These days, people are also opting for restorative yoga in which they are supposed to gently ease into various poses, relax and de-stress their body and the mind. Restorative yoga is a powerful tool for relieving anxiety and panic disorders bringing in a sense of peace in one’s life.

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