Subtitle Translator: Why to Choose your Career in Subtitling Industry?

career in subtitling industry

We all enjoy the convenience of subtitled movies, videos, and TV shows. We hardly ponder upon the work put into it. There is an entire field called subtitling that works tirelessly behind the scenes to make the subtitles (in local and international languages) available to us for a seamless visual experience. And  Subtitling Industry is booming in the present scenario. It is an excellent career option that pays well. Subtitlers ensure people can understand what is being said on the screen and this is exceptionally beneficial for the hearing impaired besides everybody else. In case, you are wondering of becoming a subtitler then don’t waste a second and start now. You surely need the specific skillset and that can be acquired via some online or offline course. But first, you need to know what exactly subtitling is.

What is Subtitling?

Have you seen words flashing at the bottom of your screen while watching a movie? Now, you obviously know that those words are the speech or the transcriptions being delivered by the character speaking. Those words are called subtitles! Subtitles could be in the same language as that being spoken in the video for ease of understanding just in case the audio isn’t clear enough, or it could be translated in some other language so that people who speak different tongue could understand it too. Hence, you can realize that to enter the subtitling industry, knowing at least two languages is very essential.

There are broadly two types of subtitling: intralingual and interlingual. Intralingual subtitling is when subtitles are created in the same language being spoken. Like the term suggests, interlingual subtitling is when subtitling is done in a language different to that being spoken in the video.

Importance of Subtitling

Subtitling is extremely important and cannot be excluded from the writing industry in any way possible. Not only does it make the video far more attractive, approachable and interactive but also turns out as a boon for those who don’t know the language being spoken in the video. It acts like a translator for people who don’t understand a particular language and helps people from all over the globe to understand the foreign language videos. Hence, a video gains much more audience than it would originally without having subtitles. Besides, subtitles turn out to be a blessing when the audio is not clear due to some reason like a noisy environment.

Reasons for becoming a subtitler

  1. You will have the opportunity to get a flexible lifestyle.
  2. This field will present you with unlimited career opportunities in a linguistic world.
  3. You will gain new valuable skills.
  4. You will be bridging the gap between different lingual communities.
  5. Your day will never be boring. You will enjoy creativity to its very best.
  6. You could develop and grow your own business.

Career in the Subtitling Industry:

You require to develop or already have a certain skill set to get started in the subtitling job market. This is undoubtedly a fascinating job or career option to pursue but if you start with no qualifications or a proper plan then it would end up being a failure for you. Having an impeccable language skill is surely an extremely important factor to make you successful in this industry.  Here are some of the things you could try to achieve a better start:

  1. You must have an in-depth and adequate knowledge of the languages in which you shall be writing your subtitles.
  2. You need to have strong grammar skills in those languages.
  3. You should have the ability and attitude of investigating and researching online.
  4. You could be better off if you did a certified course on subtitling and gain the knowledge of how to do various types of subtitling. You should do these before entering the subtitling industry.
  5. Choose the subtitling language carefully.

Your growth plan should be something like this: First, start off with small subtitling jobs on social media and make yourself well versed with the skills required. Then, start contacting subtitling companies which would pay you better. There are plenty of such job openings available online. You could check with media and tv companies you want to work at or become a freelancer. At translation light, you get one of the best possible platforms to kick start your subtitling career.

Finding subtitling jobs in Social Media

Although it’s  a pretty interesting line of work that you have chosen, but initially you might find trouble getting yourself work. Don’t worry, it is all about being patient. Start off by using all the free resources available to you like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Start connecting with other subtitlers and this would end up being pretty advantageous for you. Social media is a large database to find real job vacancies.

Finding jobs at subtitling companies

Consider emailing a subtitling company your resume and asking for a job if any position opens up. Working in a subtitling company will grab you regular and genuine work. You wouldn’t have any fraudulent encounters which are pretty common in the cyber world. Various professional translation and subtitling companies with a decent reputation and reliability employ naturally talented and experienced language experts to execute these jobs. If you get an opportunity to work with such a company, nothing like it.

Job Satisfaction

This is a remarkable field for people who have a love for the language and possess a high level of dedication and focus. You need to be very precise and accurate in this job and requires high level of details as well. Some people do it full time while some prefer doing it part time as an added income source over other writing services or any other work. Subtitle writing is a very important role as it opens up a wide array of video services, which shows you that you are making a difference. Hence, you get the adequate job satisfaction.


The world of translation comes with its own lot of advantages as well as its obstacles. At the end of the day, when compared to other industries, the subtitling industry surely offers you a friendly space and environment, flexible hours and much more. You can work at your convenience from anywhere and the job is pretty enjoyable too. You can work even while you are on a holiday. If a little hurdle and much ease is what you want, then this is your thing.

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