Netflix News: Netflix to offer free subscription to users in India


After closing the free first month trial of Netflix in USA, Netflix now aims to provide free subscription (All access to Netflix Content) for an entire weekend to the non-Subscribers in India. This marketing tactic is basically being done to attract more Indian subscribers to their platform.

With the Corona virus pandemic on the rise, the youths of India are mainly spending their free time by either playing games or binge watching a web series on a OTT platform. The free subscription plan is put into action to attract more youths towards subscribing to Netflix.  Earlier the first free month trial was taken off from India and the company was trying few other tactics and promotional offers to attract the Indian users.

Netflix is one of the world’s top Online streaming giants with over 195million subscribers across the globe. However the scenario is not as great in terms of India. In India Netflix has about 2-3 million users which is a very minimal amount of subscribers as compared to Netflix’s counterpart, Disney + Hotstar and Amazon Prime Videos.

In India both Disney + Hotstar and Amazon Prime Videos have around 10 Million subscribers each. This gap in the amount of Subscribers between Netflix and its two counter parts is greatly because of difference in the subscription plans.

Amazon Prime Video offers all of their content along with a few other benefits related to shopping from Amazon in just Rs 999 per year. On the other hand Disney + Hotstar offers two plans which includes VIP Plan which costs Rs 399 per year and Premium plan which costs Rs 1499 per year.

However Netflix’s base plan in India is Rs 499 per month. While the other two plans are Rs 649 and Rs 799 per month. Because of this huge margin in the prices of Netflix Subscription plans and Disney + Hotstar and Amazon’s subscription plans, people are more inclined towards Amazon Prime Videos and  Disney + Hotstar’s Subscription Plans.

One of the spokesperson of Netflix said that they are looking at various marketing promotions to attract new members and give them a great Netflix Experience. Last year during a promotional event, Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings also said that Netflix is willing to invest Rs 3000 Crores in Indian Content by the start of 2021.

So the free trial weekend can be taken as a marketing strategy which will try to attract and bring more Indian users to their platform.

At the end all we can say that this free trial weekend might be successful in gaining more subscribers to India since most of the Indian Youths are now at home, spending most of their time online. We are also certain that this is not going to be a one time offer and that Netflix will come out with various such offers and promotional offers to attract more Indian viewership.

“We’re always looking at different marketing promotions to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience,” said a Netflix spokesperson when asked about promotional plans the company plans to launch in India.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had announced last year that the company had earmarked Rs 3,000 crore to invest on Indian content by the end of 2020.

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