Mirzapur season 1: All About Trailer, Release Date & Full Story On Amazon Prime

Mirzapur season 1

Ever since OTT platforms became a permanent source of entertainment, Indian audiences have always complained that Indian OTT Creators are not being able to create quality content. Indian audience is often found to be dissatisfied with the story and performances of Indian web series. However in 2018, Amazon Prime Videos gifted the Indian audience with a new Indian web series which was not at all inferior to the Western Web Series. The name of this web series was “Mirzapur “. Mirzapur Season 1 had a very engaging plot with a lot of twists and turns. Audience always try to compare Indian Web Series with American/Western Web Series and state that Indian Web Series are not at par with the Western Web Series.

Although the Actors of Mirzapur has also done their part very well and have brought their characters to life. Their acting is so superb that as soon as a character appears on the screen, you will immediately start rooting for the characters. Because all this characteristics Mirzapur became one of the most successful and critically acclaimed Indian Web Series.

Mirzapur is a Indian Action crime thriller Web Series which was produced by Excel Entertainment. The series was streamed on Amazon Prime Videos. Most of the shooting of this web series was done in various regions of Uttar Pradesh. The plot of Mirzapur highlights the various crimes, presence of Mafia, Dirty Politics, and the rivalry between different Mafia in the Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh.

The first season of Mirzapur was aired on Amazon Prime Videos on 16th November 2018. Mirzapur Season 1 has 9 episode in total, each episode being of approximately 50 minutes long.

Mirzapur star cast include Pankaj Tripathy, Divyendu Sharma, Ali Fazal, Vikrant Massey, Shweta Tripathi, Shriya Pilgaonkar .

Mirzapur season 1 Release Date

The release date of Mirzapur season 1 was 18th November 2018. It was streamed on Amazon Prime videos on the same date and was successful to gain commendable appreciation from the audience all over the world.

Mirzapur season 1 Release Time

The Indian Web Series, Mirzapur Season 1 was released on Amazon Prime Videos on October 23rd 2018. The web series was available for streaming by midnight (12:00am) on the same date.

Mirzapur Season 1 Trailer

Mirzapur Season 1 trailer was launched on 23rd October 2018. It was uploaded on Amazon Prime Video’s official YouTube channel. Mirzapur Season 1 trailer have over 18 Million views on YouTube.

Mirzapur season 1 on Amazon Prime Video

Mirzapur Season 1 is one of the most successful and critically acclaimed Web Series ever produced. This high voltage action crime thriller was brought to the Indian audience by Excel movies on Amazon Prime Videos. Ever since the first season of Mirzapur was released on Amazon Prime Videos, the Indian audience started to shower the web series with their love and praises. The love from the Indian audience was so overwhelming that the makers renewed Mirzapur for a second season which will be released on Amazon Prime Video on 23rd October 2020.

Mirzapur season 1 Trailer Review

Mirzapur Season 1 trailer was released on YouTube by Excel Movies’ official YouTube channel on 23rd October 2018. Ever since the trailer release, Audience started to shower Mirzapur with Love and positive reviews.

Mirzapur Season 1 trailer gives us a glimpse into Mirzapur. It shows us the various characters and tries to give a little information about the characters. Right from the trailer one could guess that Mirzapur Season 1 is all about Crime and Action. The whole trailer tries and successfully manipulates the users to step inside the world of Mirzapur. The background music of the trailer is so engaging that it doesn’t give a chance to the audience to stare away from their screens ever for a flick second.

Overall Mirzapur Season 1 trailer is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Mirzapur season 1 Cast

The casting list of Mirzapur is long. This is because none of the characters can be ignored as each character has a important part to play in the story.

The makers of Mirzapur have casted many versatile and talented actors in their web series. The actors are successful in bringing out most of their characters and making the audience engage with each character.

The star cast of Mirzapur Season 1 include:

  • Pankaj Tripathy portrays the role of Akhandanand Tripathy aka Kaleen Bhaiya.
  • Divyendu Sharma portrays the role of Phoolchand Tripathy aka Munna Bhaiya.(son of Kaleen Bhaiya)
  • Ali Fazal portrays the role of Guddu Pandit aka Guddu Bhaiya.
  • Vikrant Massey portrays the role of Bablu Pandit aka Bablu bhaiya.(Guddu’s Younger Brother).
  • Shweta Tripathy portrays the role of Gajgamini Gupta aka Golu.
  • Shriya Pilgaonkar portrays the role of Sweety Gupta (Guddu’s wife and Golu’s Elder Sister).
  • Rashika Dugal portrays the role of Beena Tripathy (Akhandanand’s second wife).
  • Kulbhushan Kharbanda portrays the role of Satyanand Tripathy (Kaleen’s Father).
  • Rajesh Tailang portrays the role of Ramakant Pandit (Guddu and Bablu’s Father).
  • Shubrajyoti Bharat portrays the role of Rati Shankar Shukla (Bahubali of Jaunpur).
  • Shahnawaz Pradha portrays the role of SP Parshuram Gupta (Golu and Sweety’s father).
  • Harshita Gaur portrays the role of Dimpi PPandit (Guddu and Bablu’s sister).
  • Amit Sial as SSP Ram Sharan Maurya (Specially assigned to Mirzapur).
  • Shajj Chaudhary as Maqbool Khan (Kaleen Bhaiya’s Right Hand Hunchmen).

Mirzapur 1 story

The story of Mirzapur Season 1 unfolds with Munna Bhaiya and his dancing in a wedding. Munna Bhaiya drunk and has a pistol in his hands. While dancing Munna gets into an argument with one of the attendees. The argument results in Munna firing a few bullets on the sky, two of which hit the groom right in the eye. The groom dies on spot and his family files and FIR against Munna. No lawyer was keen to take up the case. As a last trial the family approaches Ramakant Pandit, an honest lawyer who agrees to take their case.

After getting to know about the problem that Munna caused, Kaleen Bhaiya orders Munna to settle the matter. However Munna causes more problems as he trespasses into Ramakant Pandit’s house and misbehaves with his entire family. Angered by his disrespectful comments towards their mother and sister, Ramakant Pandit’s sons Guddu and Bablu managed to kick Munna out of his house.

The story progresses with Kaleen Bhaiya offering Bablu and Guddu Pandit to work with him even after the disapproval of Munna. Guddu and Bablu steal the spotlight from Munna and manages to make more profits for Kaleen Bhaiya. Guddu Pandit got married to Sweety, Munna Bhaiya’s love interest.

A jealous Munna Bhaiya vows to take revenge from Guddu and Bablu Pandit & also vows to sit on the throne of Mirzapur by hook or by crook.

Will Munna succeed? Will someone else rise and take the throne of Mirzapur? Will the clash between father and son for the throne of Mirzapur impact their relationship? Is there any other twist waiting for them? To get the answers of the following questions you will have to watch Mirzapur Season 1 on Amazon Prime Videos.

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