Mirzapur 2: All About Trailer & Release Date at Amazon Prime

Mirzapur 2

MIRZAPUR, The First Season of this highly anticipated drama, a lot of blood was spilled just to find the answer to one question,” Who will be sitting on the throne of Mirzapur?. Mirzapur 2 is however all about revenge. With Bablu Bhaiya and Sweety dead, Guddu Bhaiya and Golu are all out to take revenge from Kaleen Bhaiya and Munna Bhaiya. Also Police Officer Ram Saran Maurya after being defeated by Kaleen Bhaiya is out to clean Mirzapur of all the violence and guns. In this season we might see Munna Bhaiya going against his father while trying to establish his dominance as the “KING OF MIRZAPUR”.  Also a few other new characters can be seen making their way towards the throne of Mirzapur. But with all these going on, the question still remains un-answered, WHO WILL BE THE KING OF MIRZAPUR?

Mirzapur Season 2 Release Date

The most anticipated series of 2020, Mirzapur Season 2 will be released on 23rd October 2020 in Amazon Prime Videos. This season the makers have promised to take the twist and turns of the series to a whole new level.

Mirzapur Season 2 Release Time

Mirzapur Season 2 will be available for streaming in Amazon Prime Videos on 23rd October from 12:00 am midnight. It is expected that the makers will release all the episodes in the same time on Amazon Prime.

Mirzapur Season 2 Trailer

Mirzapur Season 2’s trailer was released on 6 October.  Trailer of Mirzapur Season 2 has over 26 Million views in just 2 weeks and has over 1.5 Million likes. It is one of the most awaited trailers of 2020.

Mirzapur Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video

Mirzapur is a Amazon Prime Video original.  After the huge success of Mirzapur season 1 which was released on 16th November 2018, the makers started to think over Mirzapur Season 2. Finally the makers released the trailer of Mirzapur Season 2 on 6th October after approximately 2 years.

Mirzapur Season 2 will be released on Amazon Prime on 23rd October 2020. At present it has been revealed by the makers that Mirzapur Season 2 will only be aired on Amazon Prime Videos and on no other OTT platforms.

Mirzapur Season 1 Recap

Mirzapur season 1 recap

The season 1 of Mirzapur contains 9 episodes. The whole plot of Season 1 revolves around Drugs, Guns and Mafia. The story unfolds itself with Munna Tripathy accidently shooting and killing a groom while dancing in the marriage. The grooms family then files a case against Munna Tripathy with the help of a lawyer, Ramakant Pandit. Later at night, Munna Tripathy trespasses Ramakant Tripathy’s house and threatens him to kill his entire family. However Guddu and Bablu manages to chase Munna out of their house. Later Kaleen Bhaiya invites them to  his house to make things right between them and Munna. Impressed by Guddu and Bablu, Kaleen Bhaiya offers them to work with him.

With the help of Bablu’s brain and Guddu’s muscle strength, they managed to improve the sales of guns which were produced in Kaleen Bhaiya’s factory. They also managed to stop the sale of duplicate guns by a gang which was recently formed to tarnish the image of Kaleen Bhaiya. Kaleen bhaiya gives them a free hand on Mirzapur. Seeing this Munna  Bhaiya becomes jealous of them and vows to impress his father and sit on the throne of Mirzapur no matter what it takes. He even tried to kill his father, Kaleen Bhaiya with the help of his friend. The plan failed and Munna used his brain and put the entire blame on Guddu and Bablu. He also succeeded in proving to his father that the attack on his father was planned and executed by Guddu and Bablu. As things get heated between Guddu and Munna, Munna decides to destroy the entire Pandit Family. He even kidnaps Dimpi , Guddu and Bablu’s sister whom he later frees.

Later in a wedding of one of Dimpi and Sweety’s friend, Munna invades the wedding and manages to kill Bablu Bhaiya and Sweety, Guddu Bhaiya’s wife. Munna’s initial plan was not to kill anyone but when he got to know that Sweety was pregnant with Guddu’s child, he lost his temper and shot Sweety in her stomach. Bablu tried to kill Munna but his attempts failed and he was shot in the head by Munna.

Mirzapur Season 1 comes to an end with a injured Guddu Bhaiya being brought out of the wedding Hall by Golu and Dimpi while shots were being fired inside the wedding hall.

Now for knowing whether Guddu Bhaiya will be successful in taking revenge from Munna and Kaleen Bhaiya, You will have to watch Mirzapur Season 2 on Amazon Prime Videos.

Netizen Love The Trailer

Ever since Mirzapur Season 2’s trailer dropped on YouTube, it has been able to receive only praises from the netizens. People loved the trailer so much that it was trending on YouTube India for about 4days. As of today, it has over 26 Million Views in just two weeks.

Netizens have also started making various memes with the help of various scenes from the trailer, implying the huge support that the trailer has been receiving from the audience.

Mirzapur 2 Trailer Review

Mirzapur season 2 Trailer has managed to earn positive reviews from the critics as well as from its audience. The trailer which begins with a voice over from Kaleen Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi) has gained immense popularity. Every scene in the trailer is a mystery. It also tries to shed light on the whereabouts of most of the characters who have been harmed in the end of Mirzapur Season 1. It also introduces some new characters to the series. Though the trailer tries to answer several questions related to the ending of season 1, it also manages to keep the audience in dark regarding most of the plot, making it one of the most anticipated series trailer on YouTube.

Overall Mirzapur 2 Trailer is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Mirzapur season 2 Cast

The cast of Mirzapur Season 2 include the following Actors:

  • Pankaj Tripathy plays the role of Akhandanad Tripathy aka Kaleen Bhaiya.
  • Ali Fazal plays the role of Guddu Pandit.
  • Divyendu Sharma plays the role of Munna Bhaiya.
  • Rashika Dugal plays the role of Beena Tripathy.
  • Kulbhushan Kharbanda plays the role of Stayanand Tripathy.
  • Rajesh Tailang plays the role of Ramakant Pandit.
  • Shewta Tripathy plays the role of Golu, Gajgamini Gupta.
  • Amit Sial plays the role of SSP Ram Sharam Maurya.
  • Harshita Gaur plays the role of Dimpy.
  • Shaji Chaudhary plays the role of Maqbool.
  • Anjum Sharma plays the role of Sharad Shukla.

When is Mirzapur season 2 out on Amazon Prime?

Mirzapur Season 2 will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Videos from 23rd October 2020 Midnight.

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