How to Use Different Types of Lighting?

Different types of lighting

Your office lighting can have a significant impact on not just your workforce’s concentration, safety and productivity but also on transforming your office space to look at its best. A good lighting setup – be it accent lighting with led strip lights that draws attention to your office bookshelf or task lighting to brighten an area where you need to work – should use different kinds of lighting to create a space where you can both work or relax.

So, how do you use different types of lighting to create your desired look? Let us take a look at the three basic types of lighting you should use to effectively light your office room.

  • Ambient lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Task lighting

Ambient lighting

A light source that creates a uniform level of light throughout a space is known as ambient lighting. Here there are no targeted areas in a room; instead, the light source provides an overall glow around the room for you to see comfortably and safely.

Ambient lighting is usually generated using overhead fixtures where the light reflects off the walls to illuminate the area. A few examples of ambient lighting would be ceiling-mounted lights, chandeliers or recessed fixtures that direct light towards the whole room. 

You can use ambient lighting in your conference rooms where you need light to be directed towards all the corners of the room.

Accent lighting

A light source that highlights or draws attention towards a particular surface or object is known as accent lighting. With accent lighting, you can use a light source to highlight a painting, artwork, your plants or shelves. You can also use accent lighting in your outdoor spaces to highlight a sculpture, water feature, or your landscape. 

Accent lighting is created through track lighting or recessed lighting which can be angled and directed to create a spotlight. A few examples of accent lighting are picture lights or led strip lights that can be set behind counters, beneath cabinets or above shelves.

LED strip lights are available in different colours, colour temperatures to match the mood, various lengths to suit different applications and come with a self-adhesive backing for easy installation.

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Task lighting

A light source that is used to target a particular area of a room is known as task lighting. With a task light, you can illuminate a workspace in order to suit your needs. Areas of an office that require task lighting include office desks or areas where paperwork or computer work will be done. A table lamp is often used for task lighting when you are reading or working on your computer.

Other examples of task lighting include pendant lights, vanity lights, and swing arm lamps.

You can create an effective lighting system for your office by using different types of lighting for your specific requirements. It improves your office space and at the same time meeting the needs of your employees. LED strip lights can be the best way to highlight certain elements of your office. 

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