Gmail not working today globally: Unable to send and Save attachments

Gmail not working

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Is Gmail not working today?Lots of issues have been reported lately related with Gmail. Most of the services of Gsuite specially Gmail has been reported and flagged by users on various platforms. The Issues involves the users facing various “Abnormal behaviors” in their Gmail accounts. The problems faced by various user are :

  1. Gmail :

    Gmail users have reported problems such as not being able to attach a file in their emails or accessing the attachments. They have also reported that they are also encountering problems while saving their drafts and also sending emails.

  2. Google Drive :

    Various Google driver users have reported that they are unable to upload files in their Google drive. Again some users have reported about having problems while downloading or sharing their files to Google drive.

 This are the problems faced by various users currently. Now the above problems are pretty severe and we need immediate ways to tackle the above problems. Many important emails won’t be exchanged between two email account holders. Also many important attachments won’t be exchanged.

Again without uploading or downloading files from Google Drive, data stored previously cannot be accessed or any new data won’t be saved and become lost.

So here are some ways through which we  can tackle these problems :

  1. For Emails and attachments.

Important messages and attachments that are currently not being sent through Gmail can be sent through various other platforms. Many social media platforms such as Facebook, whatsapp etc have features where you can sent an attachment of any format (pdf, xlsx, doc etc) via messages. Also some inbuilt phone messenger apps in your phone also provides you with services where you can send a attachment via a text message. So you just need to send the data through these platforms instead of using your Gmail account.

Also Yahoo is another alternative for the current situation. Yahoo is also a service provider just like Gsuite and offers various facilities/services to its users such as emails, entertainment, Yahoo answers, Yahoo finance etc. So you can use yahoo email accounts to send and receive attachments via email.

  1. For Google Drive.

Instead of uploading there are various other alternatives which are 100% safe and easy to use where you can store your data. Some of these are :

  1. Canto DAM
  2. Dropbox
  3. Sync
  4. OneDrive
  5. Pcloud

The uploading and downloading process of these above mentioned cloud services are pretty much same as Google Drive. So if you have a Google drive account and have been using it then using these services will be easy and hassle free for you.

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