Getting your UAN: How to activate UAN & step by step guide?


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Every identification number is unique for everyone who holds it. This is done to separate an individual from a lot of individuals who are using the services of the same service provider. Right from our schools identity card to our Voter ID’s, every identity card contains a unique number that helps the authorities to differentiate everyone from one another using the unique number. Our bank account number is also an example of a unique number that differentiates our account from all the other accounts of the bank. UAN is also an identification number.

If you are a regular salaried employee in an organization then the term UAN is familiar to you. However for an outsider or an employee without a provident fund, the term UAN is unfamiliar. To make things easier and understandable for you, we have written the following article for you.

What is a UAN Number?

UAN or Universal Account Number is a unique identification number allotted to every individual who has a Provident Fund account. UAN is a twelve digit unique identification number given to the employee by the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). UAN is allotted to an employee so that the EPFO’s can distinguish an employee from several other employees existing in their databases.

Just like PAN (Permanent Account Number), UAN remains the same throughout your life. Now a question might arise in your mind that what will happen if you change your employer or move from one organization to another? Well in such a case your UAN will remain the same. No changes will be made to your UAN even if you switch to another job.

How to generate your UAN?

How to generate UAN

You UAN can be obtained by an individual through 2 ways.

  1. From the employer.
  2. From the Online UAN Member Portal.

A. From the employer

When you join a company as your first employment, the employer will notify you about your UAN and PF status. However if he doesn’t inform you right away then you can find the UAN number printed on your pay slip from the date your employer starts to deduct a portion of your salary as your contribution to the Provident Fund.

B. From the UAN Members portal

1. Visit the UAN Member Portal

The first step that you need to follow in order to obtain your UAN is to visit the UAN Member portal. The link to the UAN Member portal is :-

2. Click on “Know your UAN” tab.

3. You will be asked to enter your Adhaar Card number, PAN number, etc.

4. In case if you have a PF number, fill out those parameters. Fill in your state and EPFO office from the drop down menu.

5. If you don’t have any details regarding your PF, then you can use your Adhaar number, PAN number and also your telephone number to get your UAN number.

6. Fill in the mandatory details such as Name, Date of Birth. After entering your mobile number an OTP will be messaged to your number. Enter the OTP and the captcha code.

7. After filling the form click on “Get Authorization PIN”.

8. A PIN will be sent to you immediately via SMS.

9. Enter the OTP and click on “Validate OTP”. After validating you will be directed to “Get UAN Button” page.

Click on that button to get your UAN number which will be displayed on the computer screen and will also be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS

Documents required to obtain UAN

You will require the following documents to obtain your UAN:

  1. Your Bank Account number along with the branch name, IFSC Code.
  2. Identity proof for identity verification such as Adhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, Bank’s Pass book.
  3. Proof of address will be required such as Recent Utility Bill, Rent agreement, Ration Card, Voter-ID, Adhaar Card or any identity proof that has your current address mentioned.
  4. PAN card and Adhaar Card are mandatory documents which will be required for UAN generation.

How to activate UAN?

Once you get your UAN number, the next step is to activate it. You can use the following method to generate your UAN Number.

  1. Visit the UAN portal and select “Activate UAN” option.
  2. On the UAN Activation page, you can activate your UAN number using the generated UAN number, your PAN or your Adhaar.
  3. After selecting one of the 3 options, fill up all the necessary details along with your mobile number.
  4. A verification PIN will be sent to your mobile number.
  5. Enter the PIN in the OTP field and click on “Authorize and Activate”.

Your UAN will be activated.

Benefits of UAN

UAN features & benefits

There are several benefits of having the UAN with us. The benefits of UAN are:-

  • With the UAN we can check the balance of our EPF (Employee Provident Fund) any time by just simply logging into our account through the UAN member portal.
  • You can directly transfer funds from your EPF without depending on your employer. With your UAN number, you can directly get your funds transferred by contacting the EPFO.
  • Your UAN remains the same throughout your life time. Therefore you can enjoy a hassle free transfer to your EPF balance when you switch from your present job to another.
  • When you have your UAN, you can ensure faster EPF transfers and withdrawals from your EPF account.
  • UAN protects your PF amount as your employer cannot access or withhold your EPF money anytime.
  • Through UAN, you can access your UAN passbook through which you can monitor your and your employers EPF contributions.

Features of UAN

The various features of UAN are as follows:-

  • UAN helps in employee verification and controls all data at one place.
  • UAN remains same throughout your life. Even if you switch your jobs, your UAN remains the same.
  • Helps your present employer or new employers to know about your past account details and history of your EPF.
  • Easy Activation process i.e. to activate your UAN you just need to enter your personal and bank details on basis of which UAN activation is done.

Important points related to UAN

  1. UAN is a unique number given to all the employees by the EPFO.
  2. Employers can authenticate an employee through UAN.
  3. Through UAN, the employee will be able to know the monthly status of deposit by his employer.
  4. Since UAN is an online facility to employees, the employer cannot hold the employees EPF.

How to login EPFO website using UAN?


The next step after generating and activating your UAN is to access your UAN account. You can log into your EPFO by following these steps.

  1. Visit the UAN member portal
  2. Enter your UAN and password.
  3. Enter the Captcha code.
  4. Click on “Sign in”

Once you have entered all the details correctly, you will be automatically logged into your account after clicking the sign in button. In case you are not re-directed to your EPF account or have entered wrong information, follow the above mentioned steps once again. To make sure that your EPF account is automatically re-directed to you after clicking on the sign in button, fill in all the details and Captcha code correctly with utmost care. After you access your account you will be getting various services such as UAN Passbook (EPF Passbook) with which you will be able to determine all the incoming and outgoing amount in your EPF account.

EPF Claim Status (UAN Claim Status)

Under certain conditions, employees with an EPF account are allowed to withdraw a certain amount of money from their EPF account. This is why it is advisable to all employees with an EPF account to educate themselves about the withdrawal through EPF claim process. The employees should educate themselves about EPF claim status so that they know about the status of their EPF claim.

EPF claim status refers to information relating to the EPF claim application that an employee has sent to the EPFO to enable the employee withdraw a certain amount from his EPF account. EPF claim status indicates whether the application is accepted or rejected and if the application is accepted then in which step of the process the application is currently in.

There are two ways to check your EPF claim status :

  1. Online via the UAN member portal and the EPFO portal. They can also check their claim status using the umang app.
  2. Offline through SMS and missed call to the toll free EPFO number. (011-22901406) from their registered mobile number.

FAQ’s on UAN

(1) What is a UAN number?

UAN or Universal Account Number is a unique identification number allotted to every individual who has a Provident Fund account. UAN is a twelve digit unique identification number given to the employee by the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO).

(2) How to generate UAN number?

The UAN number can be generated by visiting the UAN member portal. It can also be obtained by the employee from the employer.

(3) What information is held by the UAN card?

UAN card holds details about the universal account number and the KYC details of the employee. It also contains five-digit member ID and various EPFO helpdesk telephone numbers.

(4) What happens to the UAN when we switch jobs?

When you switch jobs, your UAN number remains the same. The UAN number remains the same throughout the life of an employee and remains the same even if the employee switch jobs.

(5) What happens if an employee is allotted two different UAN’s?

In cases as such, the employee should immediately notify his employer and also contact the EPFO help desk. The EPFO will immediately verify and block the old UAN.

(6) What can be done if wrong information is mentioned in the UAN?

If wrong information is mentioned in the UAN then it can be immediately corrected by presenting valid documents to the present employer. Details can also be rectified by approaching the EPFO help desk with valid documentation.

(7) How to link Adhaar with UAN?

You can link your UAN with adhaar by using the Umang App, biometric credentials on e-KYC portal or verification through OTP which will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS.

(8) How to check UAN application Status online?

You can verify/check status of your UAN application online by providing the state and EPFO account number in the UAN member’s portal.

  • Go to the Our Services tab in the portal.
  • Click on For Employees and select Online Service.
  • Click on Know UAN Status.

(9) How to check PF balance without UAN number?

You can check your PF balance without your UAN number by just simply sending a SMS to the number 7738299899. Enter the text EPFPHO UAN ENG and send it to 7738299899 by your registered mobile number.

(10)When can an EPF account holder claim his PF?

There are three circumstances in which a EPF holder can claim his PF:

1. Post Requirement.

Employees over the age of 55 can claim entire PF. However in case of voluntary retirement full amount is not allowed to withdraw from the PF account.

2. Prior to retirement

Employees whose age is 54 can claim up to 90% of their PF and can claim the rest after employment.

3. In case of unemployment

If an employee is unemployed for more than 1 month can claim up to 75% of their PF. However on joining a new job they will require to transfer 25% of the amount that he had withdrawn to his PF account.

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