Future and Scope of Work from Home Options in India in 2021

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Today we are going to discuss about Work from home options in India-2021.As we say time changes, in accordance we have to change our routine too. We all say, family is our general power. But when you experience it in real, it really amazes you.

During this Covid-19, people had different insecurities, regarding salary, income work and many more. But one thing was good, everyone being with their family. All were assured of one thing that they are safe and so does their families.

‘Business Insider’, in an article, revealed how MNCs that have announced work from home until the end of the year have set aside packages to pay for its employees’ Work From Home needs, from high-speed internet connections to work-from-home furniture like comfortable chairs.

While work from home is preferred as the only way to keep the economy thriving despite facilitating social distancing, working from home entails the existence of primary privileges like working space at home, personal digital tools, high-speed internet facilities and a familiarization with the cyberspace.

Minister for IT and Industries Mekapati Gautam Reddy has asked the IT Department to initiate technological interventions to ensure that ‘work from home’ is made easy for the employees.

With the work-from-home culture being touted as the new normal, IBM has recently announced its decision to make 75% of its employees work from home. This technological shift is being assisted by the introduction of AI curriculum in 200 CBSE schools, facilitated under its Social Empowerment through Work and Education (SEWA) programme that is the IBM-AI initiative.

The Atmanirbhar Bharat scheme has been encouraging foreign investments in the technological sector, given how the perception towards the work culture has changed in a matter of months. Former SBI Chairperson Arundhati Bhattacharya has pointed out that the work-from-home situation is actually beneficial towards women, in how it supports women in working despite not having to give up care-giving roles towards the family. The work-from-home structure allows us to come up with more flexible mechanisms which will aid employees from various backgrounds in the future.

There are various options for work from home category.

1. Content writing

Here anyone can come and improve , but you need survival skills and that is also not that easy. But if you have fluent English then you can easily make your place. Doing a job under this category will only help you and by doing work from home you can take help from your fellow people also. This is of great help in future too. This things helps you to improve yourself also in many ways.

2. Digital marketing

The most popular in today’s times is doing a job in the field of digital marketing. Because this year we are only gonna see that things will take from home. And now as I have seen majorly, courses are also providing free courses for digital marketing. We all can see a great scope coming towards this field. If the conditions don’t get improve by the time then we have to work from home that too in a very dedicated manner.

3. Social Media marketing

This is listed as the most important one which has its valid reasons too. If this doesn’t exist then the company’s will face a major loss this year and also in the coming years. In the present scenario, we can say that people are getting influence by social media and its various platforms. So if any new company wants to enter the market it can. This is the golden time, because if you once settle yourself on social media then no one can replace you.

4. Graphic designers

Nowadays, this has a major role in every companies development. The more you spend on graphics the more you attract customers. Whether it be television, mobile phone or anything people looks for more graphics and quality. So this field is also good for work from home and actually better than the rest. Because if you do this work in offices you can’t concentrate as there are other people also working.

5. Business Development

Another important field in the market is this. And now everyone wants there individual business and perfect guidance. In this work from home can be of much relaxation. You can even take help of your elders.


So there are various options for work from home thing. But in my opinion, work from home is not just an option, it has actually become the last situation. So if you want to earn you, run your family then you have to work.

But there should be some relaxation given by the company to its employee. Because when you see or hear, of the families that did that fun in that way this and that makes you feel irritated towards your job. Fun is also a part of our life and also an important ele‐ ment. So I think we should all get used to working from home. Because it is only the situation left out. Some‐ where it is good and bad too. As these, everything has its pros and cons the same here. But in this COVID-19 situation, I find it better that you stay at home and work from home rather than going officers and doing that stupidity. Because work from home is not just in left option it is the only condition we can survive.

However, the susceptibility of a work culture which entirely dismisses the need for physical proximity and being in the workspace together has drawn criticism from the purists in the work culture, citing psychological health reasons. Working from home is probably not the same as being invested in the brick and mortar and physical interactions of the workplace.

However, given the current situation in mind, 1 in a 100 employees have opted to work from home, given how India will not be in a position to bounce back from the COVID-19 crisis until 2021. It is the responsibility of policy makers to further the technological infrastructure of the country to ensure that the primary requirements of a work-from-home environment are met with.

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