Effective Ayurvedic Treatments That Work for Prostate Disorders    

Ayurvedic Treatments for Prostate Disorders    

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The prostate is not a gland that most people think about too much until they face problems. It is a gland shaped like a walnut, which is wrapped around the urethra. It forms a part of the male reproductive system and its main function is to add fluid to the semen.

The prostate gland starts small and has two main growth phases, one during the teen years and the other after the age of 25. After 25, it continues growing for the rest of a man’s life. Excessive growth of the gland can lead to a disease that is called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH.

This excess growth can eventually clamp down on the urethra and begin to restrict the flow of urine from the bladder. This leads to bigger problems like frequent urination, leakage of urine, urinary tract infections, and other recurring issues.

Left untreated, an enlarged prostate can also lead to prostate cancer and other uncomfortable conditions which seriously lower the quality of a person’s life and can lead to death.

There are preventive measures and natural remedies that can be used to check the growth of the prostate gland. Ayurvedic medicines for prostate usually combine more than one ingredient which is proven to be effective against prostate enlargement.

Tips for Prevention: 

  • Keeping your body hydrated is one of the easiest things you can do to ensure that you don’t have prostate problems. Having diluted urine that is passed out completely till the bladder is empty is another important aspect that hydration helps with.
  • Maintaining moderate body temperature helps in preventing urine retention, which again causes the prostate to enlarge unusually over long periods.
  • Alcohol and caffeine can cause imbalances in the body and blood, so avoiding overusing either can help prevent enlargement of the gland.
  • Ensuring a regulated bowel movement every day and eating the right foods can help with this as constipation can also lead to excess growth of the gland.
  • Practicing different exercises and yoga can help in overall health. There are also practices targeted at ensuring a healthy prostate gland.

Ayurvedic Ingredients for Prevention and Treatment:

 Many ayurvedic herbs and ingredients are used to treat prostate enlargement and also ensure a healthy immune system. Some ingredients work magically and are even referred to by doctors and experts in treating BPH.

♣ Haldi:

Turmeric is a very popular ayurvedic ingredient that is used to cure so many problems in the body. It helps boost immunity, balances excess toxins in the body, and clears all impurities in the blood and urine.

♣ Methi:

Fenugreek has been found to be effective in reducing the risk of not only prostate cancer but also breast and pancreatic cancer.

It is a growth inhibitor that has been used in Indian medicine for ages, along with regions like ancient Greece and Rome. Grounded seeds can easily be added to any food of your choice, or even to a glass of curd.

♣ Garlic:

Garlic is a wondrous vegetable, not only in terms of bringing great flavor to all food but also in terms of its health benefits. Garlic is a known beneficiary that helps prevent bacterial and fungal infections, increases immunity, and others.

Its antioxidant properties make it a great natural ingredient to help fight enlargement of the prostate. It also promotes the formation of glutathione, a highly potent anti-inflammatory molecule. Garlic can be consumed raw, cooked, or in capsules with garlic extract.

Varunadi Kwath:

This is a decoction that is water-based and refers to a medicinal tea made from the extract of a group of herbs. It has antimicrobial properties and is a diuretic, which helps heal and reduce prostate enlargement.

It also inhibits the production of uric acid and the formation of kidney stones. It is an ancient remedy that has many beneficial properties apart from its ability to cure prostate enlargement.

♣ Tulsi:

This herb is considered to be the golden remedy of Ayurveda along with turmeric and pepper. This herb has wonderful effects on health and is used to cure many ailments of the body.

It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and promotes healthy bowel movements, giving relief from enlargement of the prostate. It is also stated as an agent that helps inhibit cancer cells in the body, including prostate cancer.

♣ Khadira:

Khadira is another ancient herbal remedy that acts as a natural detoxifier. It has amazing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties which help balance the Kapha and pitta dosha in the body.

Ayurvedic medicines for the prostate can work wonders to relieve you of prostate problems. These medicines often have a mixture of ayurvedic, natural ingredients that work extremely well together.

Apart from prostate, most ayurvedic medicines also come with other medicinal properties that are extremely beneficial to your health. Keeping a healthy, clean lifestyle along with consuming healthy food can prevent any growth in the prostate.

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