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Devadas full movie download

Devadas  is a 2018 Telegu action comedy film produced under the banner of Vyjayanthi Movie by C. Ashwini Dutt. The film was a great commercial success and received positive feedback from the audience and critics. Get full movie download on movierulz. The film has Nagarjuna, Nani, Rashmika Mandana and Akangsha Singh in the lead roles. The music of this entertaining action drama is composed by famous music composer Manu Sharma.

Devadas got its theatrical release on 27th September 2018. Devdas’ Box Office Collection is estimated to be around Rs 45 Crores.

Later in November of the same year, Zee studios dubbed the film into Hindi language as “Don aur Doctor”.

Devadas Cast

The star-cast of Devadas movie include some finest actor of the industry who are capable of spreading smile across the faces of the audience. The star cast of Devadas include the following actors:-

  • Superstar Nagarjuna Akkineni plays the role of Deva (The Don).
  • Nani plays the role of Dr. M. K. Das.
  • Akangsha Sharma plays the role of Reporter Jhanvi.
  • Rashmika Mandana plays the role of Inspector Pooja.
  • Sarath Kumar plays the role of Dada, Deva’s foster father.
  • Kunal Kapoor plays the role of David.
  • Naveen Chandra plays the role of Mohan, Das’ Brother.
  • Satya Krishnan plays the role of Das’ Sister in Law.
  • Murali Sharma plays the role of Police Officer Murali Sharma.
  • Rao Ramesh plays the role of Dr. Bharadwaj.
  • Vennela Kishore plays the role of Dr. Kuchipudi, a psychiatrist.
  • Manobala plays the role of Pooja’s assistant.
  • Sivannarayana naripeddi plays the role of Pooja’s Father.

Devadas story

The plot of the story unfolds as we are introduced to Dr. M. K. Das (Nani), a Master of Surgery who joins a corporate hospital in Hyderabad named “Medimax”. He joins as one of the surgeons who is designated to work in the mortuary. After a couple he attends a patient whose medicine was previously prescribed his senor, Dr Bharadwaj. Seeing that the dosses of the medicine was improper, Das changes the prescription without asking for a prior approval from Dr. Bharadwaj. Although the patient recovers fully, Dr. Bharadwaj because of his Ego fires Das from the hospital stating that Dr. Das was very unprofessional in his job. Later Dr. Das starts a small clinic in his locality.

On the parallel side, Deva (Nagarjuna) , a crime boss whose identity is unknown is being searched by the police. After the murder of Deva’s mentor Dada by his rival david, Deva returns to Hyderabad. In Hyderabad Deva finds out that Dada’s son Ajay helped David in the murder of his father. Angered, deva begins a pursuit for David and Ajay. One day after getting himself injured in a shootout between the police and his gang, Deva successfully escapes the scene and goes to Das’ hospital for his treatment. Das treats Deva and removes the bullet from him and later realizes that Deva is a most wanted criminal. Das however doesn’t disclose Deva’s identity to the police. 

Impressed with Das’ honesty, Deva along with his fellow gang members renovates Das’ hospital. Soon the inflow of patient towards the hospital starts to increase. Also Das starts to fall in love with Pooja (Rashmika Mandana), unaware that she is a undercover police officer whose aim is to capture Deva. Deva also reveals to Das that he had feelings for a journalist named Jhanvi (Akansha Sharma) but he never had the courage to confess his feelings for her. Hearing this, Das decided to help Deva to get his love.

Will Das succeed in bringing Deva and Jhanvi together? Will Pooja be able to catch Deva? Will Pooja and Das find love? Will Deva be able to find and take revenge from David? To find the answers to the following questions you will need to watch Devadas full HD 720p on Movierulz for free.

Devadas Songs

The music of Devadas was composed by Mani Sharma under the label Aditya Music Label. The audio launch took place on 21st September 2018.

No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
1. “Vaaru Veeru” Srivennela Seetharama Sastry Anurag Kulkarni and Anjana Sowmya. 4:26
2. “Chettu Kinda Doctor” Ramajogayya Sastry Padmalatha 5:10
3. “Laka Laka Lakamurikara” Ramajogayya Sastry Anuraj Kulkarni and Sri Krishna 4:53
4. “Hey Babu” Ramajogayya Sastry Karthik, Ramya Behara 5:00
5. “Emo Emo” Srivennela Seetharama Sastry Sid Sriram, Ramya Behara 4:26
6.  “Manasedo Vethukuthu Undi” Srivennela Seetharama Sastry Yazin Nizar, Anurag Kulkarni 5:21

You can download Devadas songs from Movierulzs. All the songs are available in high quality with excellent music and sound clarity.

Devadas Review   

IMDB :  6.7/10.

Devadas is 69% in Rotten tomatoes.

Overall Devadas is 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The film is a power package of Action and Comedy. The direction of this movie is done beautifully by Sriram Adithya T. The movie is able to make the audience laugh and keep them on the edges of their seats. Also the cinematography is excellent. The actors in the movie including Nagarjuna, Rashmika, Akansha and the supporting casts have played their part well and are able to bring out most from the story of the movie. The spot light is however on Nani. Nani’s natural acting skills are successful  to bring the most out of his character. Nani as Dr. Das has a very excellent comic timing and spreads smiles and laughter on the audiences face whenever he appears on the screen. The music of the movie is quite good and can be listened. You can definitely watch Devadas atleast once.

Devadas trailer has been uploaded 2years ago in Vyjayanthi Network’s official YouTube Channel and has been watched about 6.6 million times.

Watch and Download Devadas Movie online Full Movie at 720p HD

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  • Where can I download Devadas?

       You can download Devadas full movie HD at Movierulzs.

  • Is Devadas is available in Full HD in hotstar?

         No, Devadas Full HD is not available in Disney + Hotstar. It is available on Zee 5.

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