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Dear Comrade full movie download

Dear Comrade is Telegu 2019 Romantic Action and Drama Movie. The film is written and directed by Bharat Kamma and is produced by the banner Mythri Movie Makers and Yash Rangineni. The film stars Vijay Devrakonda and Rashmika Mandana in the lead roles & you can get full movie download at tamilrockers. The running time of the film is 170 Minutes (2hours 50minutes). The film was loved by the audience because of its intense romantic storyline. The film has also managed to earn successful reviews from the critics. The shoot for the film started around August 2018 and the film had its theatrical release on 26th July 2019. The film has also been dubbed in three other Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada language.

Dear Comrade was made with a budget of Rs. 12 Crores. The makers of the movie managed to earn Rs. 33 Crore as Dear Comrade Box Office Collection.

The Hindi remake rights of Dear Comrade has been purchased by Karaj Johar for his label Dharma Production.

Dear Comrade Cast

Dear Comrade features a long list of versatile actors as its star cast. The star cast of Dear Comrade includes the following artists:

  • Superstar Vijay Deverakonda plays the role of Chaitanya “Bobby” Makineni..
  • The very beautiful Rashmika Mandana plays the role of Aparna “Lily” Devi.
  • Shruti Ramachandran plays the role of Jaya, Lily’s Elder Sister.
  • Raj Arjun plays the role of Ramesh Rao.
  • Suhas plays the role of Martin.
  • Vikas plays the role of Raghu.
  • Divya plays the role of Anitha, Raghu’s Girlfriend.
  • Charuhasan plays the role of Bobby’s Grandfather.
  • Ananad plays the role of Bobby’s Father.
  • Kalyani Nataranjan plays the role of Bobby’s Mother.
  • Sanjay Swaroop plays the role of Jaya’s Father.
  • Ashrita Vemuganti plays the role of Lily’s Mother.

Dear Comrade story

The movie starts with a drank Bobby (Vijay Devrakonda) feeling dejected and angry. He is unable to accept the fact that his girlfriend, Lily doesn’t want Bobby to be in her life anymore. The film then takes us through a flashback. Bobby is a leftist student union leader with anger management issues in a college located in Kakinada. On beating up a local politicians brother for harassing a girl from his college, Bobby spends a night in jail. The next day while returning home, Lily (Rashmika Mandana) causes a minor accident and as compensation Vijay snatches away all of Lily’s money. On returning home Bobby finds that Lily is in fact his childhood friend who has come to attend Jaya’s wedding.  During a cricket match played in his locality, Bobby discovers that Lily is a state level cricket player and is impressed by her. Soon he starts to develop feelings for her.

During a party which was organized in the union office Bobby gets in a fist fight with a student political leader. On seeing this Lily realizes that Bobby has anger management issues and confronts him, advising him to control his anger. She also tells him that her brother died in college campus because of a similar clash and seeing Bobby fight, her brothers memories come back rushing to her.

After Jaya’s marriage Bobby confesses his love for Lilly but Lilly rejects him saying that they have different paths in their journey of life and that he will forget her as soon as she leaves. Bobby after not able to digest the rejection rides all the way to meet Lily. He on meeting her confesses to her again and this time lily accepts his proposal. She also tells him that she is scared of his excessive aggression. Vijay agrees to rectify it and their love story progresses passionately.

One day Bobby again got into a fight with Bulla, the local politician’s brother and unknowingly causing an accident which lead to Bullah’s brother slipping into coma. Bulla and his men enter the college to kill Bobby and causes serious injury to him. Lily witnesses everything and suffers through the trauma of losing a loved one again. When Vijay wakes up in the hospital, Lily requests him to give up his violence and be with her or leave her forever. Hearing this, Bobby gets angry and pushes Lily away from him, yelling at her to get lost in front of his family.

Later when Bobby realized his mistake, he tries to reach out to lily but she tells him not to disturb her anymore.  She tells Bobby that she doesn’t want him in her life anymore.

Will Lily and Bobby reunite again? Or will they continue on their separate paths? Will Bobby let go off his anger or will it cause more problems for him? Will Lily succeed as a cricketer or is another twist waiting for her in her path of achieving her dreams?

To get the answers of the following questions you need to watch Dear Comrade. You can watch Dear Comrade full HD 720p on Tamil rockers for free.

Dear Comrade Songs

The films soundtracks are released in four languages, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada. The lyrics of the Telegu songs are beautifully crafted by Rehman, Chaitanya Prasad and Krishna kanth. The music of the film is produced by Justin Prabhakaran under the label Lahari Music and T-Series.

No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
1. “Nee Neeli Kannullona” Rehman Gowtham Bharatwaj V 2:28
2. “Kadalalle” Rehman Sid Sriram, Aishwariya Ravichandran 4:21
3. “Gira Gira” Rehman Gowtham and Yamini 4:48
4. “The Canteen Song” Chaitanya Prasad Kartik Rodriguez 2:33
5. “Comrade Anthem” Rehman Vijay Devrakonda, Stony Psyko, MC Vickey 3:26
6. “Maama Choodaro” Rehman Naresh Iyer. 4:29
7. “O Kalala Kathala” Rehman Sathyaprakash Chinmayi 5:05
8. “Yentu Pone” KK Kaala Bhairava 4:09

You can listen & download Dear Comrade songs from Tamilrockers. The Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kaanada songs are available to download at tamilrockers.

Dear Comrade Review

IMDB :  7.3/10.

Dear Comrade is 69% in Rotten tomatoes.

Overall Dear Comrade is 4.0 out of 5 stars.

The film is a complete package of Romance, Drama and Action. Every scene of the film is packed with so much emotion that it makes the audience warm and heart often forcing him or her to shed a tear or two. The plot of the film is very exciting and manages to capture the audience’s attention throughout the film. The lead actors Vijay Devrakonda and Rashmika Mandana has done an excellent job on their part making their characters feel real and relatable. The supporting cast of the film has also done a brilliant job in brining all the emotions out of the film. There is also a social message by the end of the film.

Overall Dear Comrade is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Dear Comrade trailer has been watched over 17Million times in Mythri Movie makers official YouTube channel.  The trailer of this film has also been watched 2.7 million times in Goldmines telefilms YouTube Channel.

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1.Where can I download Dear Comrade?

You can download Dear Comrade full movie HD at Tamilrockers.

2.Is Dear Comrade is available in Full HD in hotstar?

No Dear Comrade Full HD is available in Disney + Hotstar. It is available on Amazon prime video.

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