Business Game: Rules, Price & How to Play Business Game?

Business game

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Board games have been a major part of everyone’s childhood growing up. From school to college, board games have been a crucial part of any hangout with friends or cousins and family get-togethers. As the years have gone by, some games have changed but the classics have remained constant. Growing up, we all must have remembered Monopoly. The game we all turned to when we wanted to feel like an adult. It was a business game that revolved around buying and selling property, rent collection, paying taxes and so much more making for the perfect engagement. We all have pretty much heard about monopoly, but do you know about the business game?

The business game is a famous Indian take on the original Monopoly. The game of course relies on luck but also requires a great deal of thinking, concentration and innovation and is extremely fun if played in a large group. Continue reading if you want to know more about the business game board. 

How to play business Game in India and internationally?

Typically, the game is best suited for 2-4 people with one taking on the role of the banker. The banker is in charge of distributing the cash. The business game rules are pretty simple with each player being assigned a token and some cash at the start. Players each receive Rs 15000 at the start and require a 12 (using two dice) to start moving their token. As players travel through the board, they explore new properties and have the option of purchasing them and constructing houses/hotels. A property owned by a player allows for rent whenever another player lands on the property. As players pass the home base after every round, they collect a certain amount from the baker. If a player lands in a city and doesn’t/can’t buy it, the bank will auction and sell it to the highest bidder. If no player wants to buy it, the Property will then remain unsold. The price of each city is written on the board for layers to view.  

How to play business game

 There are spaces on the board called “community chest”. If a player lands on either of these spaces, they draw a card from the corresponding deck and do the action written on the card. Players can get or lose money, move, or even being sent to Jail. When a player is sent to jail, they can’t move around the board until they are freed. They can still collect rent, buy houses, participate in auctions. You may get out of jail upon the payment of Rs 200.

 At the end of the game, the player with the maximum money wins the game. It is to be noted that there are several variations to playing this game and you can come with your innovative takes on it.

Business game rules 

The business game rules are fairly simple. The winner is decided based on the individual having the highest wealth at the end of the round. At the end of the game, those who have the lowest worth or are in debt are the losers. One player must necessarily be the banker in the business game and you require a minimum of 2 players. One player must be the banker. 

International Business game

The international business game is a fun and exciting board game suitable for all above the age of 7. It is also a fun game that adults can enjoy. It is one of the best business games in India. I have a lot of scope for innovation with players having the ability to create an interesting take on the existing business game rules. 

International Business game price

The price of the international business game is anywhere between Rs 200 to 500. Online purchases may be more affordable on websites such as Amazon and Flipkart, however, you will find them in gift shops. 

Indian business game cards

The business game cards consist of several cues for players including things such as “go to jail” or” collect 500from each player for your birthday”. These cards make the game interesting and can provide you with a unique turn of events to make it more engaging. 

Indian business game board

indian business game board and cards price

The business game board is included in the set and consists of various properties. As players travel through the board and land on properties, they can purchase them, build houses and hotels and claim rent. The board also has placed such as jail and cues to pick up a card from the treasure chest. This board game is fun and full of exciting surprises.

Business gameplay online 

The business game is a very easy and fun board game to play with any group of people. You can find gameplay by just searching business games online on YouTube to understand the game better. There are several online versions of the game available on the internet for you to play with family and friends who live across the globe. 

Board game

Plastic money- Business game coins 

The business game typically offers currency in terms of business game coins, notes or sometimes in an electronic business game format with a card. This currency is used for purchasing property, paying rent and other such exchanges. 

Business game of India

The business game of India is an extremely fun game to test sharpness and skill while creating a fun engagement. For children, it is an excellent way to acquaint them with finances in a simple and fun way. The game is also perfect for adults looking to get together and unwind. 

Business game for kids 

business game for kids

The business game has been one of the most successful board games for children. It tests intelligence while providing a fun and engaging activity for children to play with friends and family. This game is perfect to introduce to your children at a young age and can teach them aspects of financial maturity. This game is perfect for gifting or to get for your own kids!

This game is one of the best and most creative board games that has stood the test of time. If you are looking for an interesting board game to gift to someone or to teach your children basic financial tips, then the business game is definitely something that you will love!

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