Bridal Makeup Tips: Everything You Need To Know About Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup Tips

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One of the most anticipated and important day in a girl’s life is her wedding day. On that very day she would take one of the most important decisions in her life i.e. choose her life partner and be officially declared man and wife. For this special day a girl wants to look the best so that on this very special day she be the centre of attraction and with an elegant smile can impress everyone. She would want to look beautiful in the pictures too because at the end of the day these pictures will be the only memories that she will cherish for the rest of her life. This is where Makeup comes in handy. Bridal makeup is specially designed and managed in such a way that a bride looks gorgeous and elegant on her most special day.

In this article we will discuss about the various important things that you should know and consider before booking a bridal makeup session for yourself, your friend or your sister.

What is Bridal Makeup?

Bridal makeup is one of the important parts of a wedding ceremony. Bridal Makeup refers to the complete makeup session where various makeup elements are combined together to give a elegant and gorgeous look specially for the bride on her wedding day. A bridal makeup routine is specially designed for brides to give their skin a glowing look so that they can be the center of all attraction on their special day.

Types of Indian Bridal Makeup

Now one of the most important things to keep in mind while choosing a bridal makeup routine for you is your skin type. Different bridal makeup routines are available for people with different skins. It is very important for you to know your skin type before choosing a bridal makeup routine. This is because if you choose the wrong makeup routine irrespective of the skin type that you have it will result in various infections, rashes and skin problems. Also, this might fail to fully utilize the potential of the bridal makeup routine. So in order to help you with choosing the best makeup for you with respect to your skin type we have divided Indian bridal makeup routines in the following types:

  1. Natural makeup suitable for all skin types.
  2. Mineral Makeup suitable for sensitive skin.
  3. High Shine Makeup suitable for Clean and Dry Skin.
  4. Matte Makeup suitable for Oily Skin.
  5. High Definition Makeup suitable for Blemished and uneven skin.
  6. Airbrush Makeup suitable for Healthy Skin.

A) Natural makeup suitable for all skin types.

Natural Makeup as the name suggests gives a natural look to the bride. Even if the bride doesn’t have a perfect skin, this makeup routine manages to give a perfect natural skin look to the bride. This makeup routine is designed to enhance the look of the bride and make her look elegant and gorgeous on her wedding day.

Side Effects: It brings out all the natural features on the brides face and doesn’t have any harmful side effects on the bride’s skin.

Best Suitable for: This Bridal Makeup Type is best suitable for all kind of skin.

B) Mineral Makeup suitable for sensitive skin.

Mineral Makeup is a bridal makeup routine where chemical-free cosmetics are used to enhance and bring a glow to a bride’s skin. This kind of routine is suggested for people with sensitive skin. Skin specialists and dermatologist recommend Mineral Makeup routine. This is because the cosmetics used in this routine are chemical free and improves the skin.

Side Effects: Since this routine uses chemical free cosmetics, it does not have any side effects on the skin.

Best Suitable for: This Bridal Makeup Type is best suitable for Sensitive skin.

C) High Shine Makeup suitable for Clean and Dry Skin.

High Shine Makeup as the name suggests gives a glossy and shiny look to your skin. It also gives a reflective tone to your skin. This routine consists of various liquid products and highlighters which makes your skin shine and highlight your facial features. This look uses various cosmetics from foundations to highlighters.

Side Effects: Since this routine uses a lot of chemical cosmetics to bring out the shine in your face, excessive use of cosmetics in this routine might cause various skin problems.

Best Suitable for: This Bridal Makeup Type is best suitable for clean and dry skin.

D) Matte Makeup suitable for Oily Skin.

The next Bridal Makeup type in our list is the Matte Makeup.  Matte Makeup routine uses a lot of bold colors and hues to create stunning looks. Matte Makeup routine is not only suitable for special occasions but can also be worn in your daily lifestyle. It comes with vivid colors and shades which are perfect to experiment various new looks for you and your skin.

Side Effects: It has minimal side effects as compared to High Shine Makeup. Because of the use of artificial colors and hues, this routine has a little bad impact on your skin.

Best For:  This Bridal Makeup type is best suitable for Oily Skin.

E) High Definition Makeup suitable for healthy skin.

HD Makeup routine or High Definition makeup routine is the next type of Bridal Makeup on our list. This is the makeup that we see TV stars and Celebrities wearing and movies or daily soaps. This routine is designed in such a way that the cameras can capture every facial features of the actors in details. The cosmetics used in this makeup routine successfully hides the lines and wrinkles and give the kin a flawless and smooth look. This kind of makeup will make the bride look beautiful and flawless in her wedding album.

Side Effects: HD Makeup routine has no or a minimal side effect.

Best Used for: This Bridal Makeup type is best suitable for healthy skin.

F) Airbrush Makeup suitable for Healthy Skin.

In this type of Bridal makeup, the face is literally painted with makeup using an air brush and not using traditional sponge and brushes for applying makeup to the face. In this routine, with the help of the cosmetics used the bride can achieve a smooth and elegant look that will make her look flawless and gorgeous. Airbrush Makeup routine successfully manages to hide various lines and wrinkles thus making the skin look smooth and glowing.

Side Effects: This type of Bridal makeup might cause skin problems if applied in large quantities.

Best for: This type of Bridal Makeup is best suitable for healthy skin.

These are the various types of Bridal Makeup Routines that you can choose based on your skin type.

What does a bridal makeup package include?

After selecting the type of Bridal Makeup type for you, the next thing that you will need to know are the contents included in your bridal makeup package. There are various services which are included in a Bridal Makeup Package.

Contents of a Simple Makeup Package

A simple Bridal Makeup Routine package normally provides the bride with Hair, Skin and Draping services. This means that your bridal makeup package will cover services such as bridal hair style, Bridal eye makeup, Bridal face makeup and will also include draping your wedding attire. The makeup professionals also help out with putting your wedding Jewellery on as well.

Contents of a Premium Bridal Makeup Package

There are also various premium bridal makeup packages that also include various other services such as Body Scrub, wraps, exfoliates, waxing, etc.

There are also various packages offered by makeup artists where you are also provided the liberty to choose what kind of cosmetics products do you want to use on your face i.e. natural or cosmetics. However, you might need to pay higher to use premium and natural cosmetics products.

How much you need to pay to makeup artist in India for bridal makeup?

The cost of a bridal makeup package in smaller cities can cost you around Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 based on the services provided to you by the makeup artist. Also, if you include pre-bridal makeup services such as waxing, scrubbing, wraps, exfoliates etc this cost may go beyond Rs 50,000.

In Big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc the minimum cost of bridal makeup package may be Rs 30,000 or more for a single event.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose a makeup package wisely based on the your needs, finances and the various services provided at your budget.

How early you should book a bridal makeup artist in India?

Indians are known for their extravagant and majestic wedding celebrations. In making the wedding memorable for the bride, a makeup artist plays a very important role. But now the most important question arises I.e. when should you book a bridal makeup artist?

It is advisable to book a bridal makeup artist 2-4 month prior to the wedding date. This is because in India most of the weddings take place in between January to April and from October to December. This is generally the peak time for Bridal makeup artists, and they are normally booked for these months. Therefore, if your wedding falls in these months then it is advisable for you to book the bridal makeup artist 2-4 months before from your wedding date.

For other months falling between April to September you can hire a Bridal makeup Artist for your wedding a few weeks or a month before from the date of your wedding.

These are the various tips that you should keep in mind while choosing the ideal Bridal Makeup Package for yourself, your friends and family.

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