Want to Check EPF Balance? Best Ways to Check your EPF Number

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Every employee with a Provident Fund account ought to have certain questions regarding their EPF number. EPF refers to Employee Provident Fund. Basically EPF is a fund for which is created to provide Financial security and stability to an employee at the time of retirement. A specific amount is kept aside from the salary of the employee every month along with contribution from the employer to give the entire balance of the EPF account along with interest to the employee on retirement. EPF is managed by the Employees Provident Fund Organization. The EPFO provides the following services to the EPF account holders with the help of their online web portal.

  • PF account balance.
  • Download PF passbook.
  • File transfer claim.
  • Register grievance
  • Other services.

Every employee with a PF is given a EPF Number which is mandatory for withdrawals and also to check the status and balance of his EPF account.

What is a EPF number?

Just like our bank account number, EPF number is also a unique number which is given to every EPF holder to identify his EPF account. In simple terms EPF Number or Employee’s Provident Fund Number is an account number with the help of which an employee can check the status of his EPF, Balance of his EPF etc.

The EPF number is mandatory in case of withdrawals from the EPF account.

Ways to find your EPF number

EPF number is a very important for everyone with a EPF account. The EPF number helps an employee to check his EPF balance, check his EPF status etc. It is also mandatory during EPF withdrawals. This is why it is advisable for all employees to keep a note of their EPF number.

If you don’t know your EPF number then you can find your EPF number by the following ways:-

1. From your payslip.

You can find your EPF number printed in your payslips. The employer operates the EPF account of the employees and take care of the monthly contributions to the EPF account. This is why you can also find details about the monthly contributions made by the employer and the employee towards the EPF account in your payslips along with your EPF number.

2. From the HR department of your organization.

If you are unable to find your EPF number in your payslip or your organization doesn’t provide payslips, then you can contact the HR department of the organization. The HR department stores all the information about their employees and therefore will have information about your EPF account too.

3.Visit the UAN member portal if you have a UAN.

If you have your UAN, then you can find out about your EPF number using the UAN Member portal.

  1. Use your UAN to login into the UAN Member portal (https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ ).
  2. Once you are logged in into the UAN member portal you get access to all information related to your EPF account such as EPF number, EPF balance, EPF Passbook, EPF claim status

4. Contact the grievances cell of the EPFO.

If you are unable to get your EPF number using the above mentioned steps then as a last option you can contact the grievances cell of the EPFO. They will ask you to fill up an application form and KYC. Once you have entered all the details correctly, they will give send you all the details of your PF via email, telephone call or SMS.

How to check PF balance online?

After you have your EPF number, you can do many things such as checking the status of your EPF, EPF claim status online, EPF withdrawal status and EPF balance. You can one of the following steps to check the status of your EPF:

  1. By using EPFO portal.
  2. By using EPFO App or Umang App.
  3. By sending a SMS.
  4. By giving a missed call.

A. By using the EPFO Portal.

EPFO Portal

To check your EPF balance using the EPFO portal you will need your UAN (Universal Account Number). UAN is allotted to every person with a EPF account. UAN is unique to everyone and acts as a identifier for every person with a EPF account.  If you have your UAN number activated then follow the following steps :-

  1. Log in to the EPFO portal (https://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/For_Employees.php. Under our services tab, choose the “For employees” option from the drop down menu.
  2. Now select “Member Passbook “ under the “Services” option.
  3. A log-in for will appear. Enter your UAN and password.

After correctly entering your UAN and password, your EPF e-passbook will appear in which you can check your PF’s balance.

Or else you have to complete the UAN Activation before following the above steps.

B. By using the EPFO or Umang app.

Umang app

Download the “m-sewa app of EPFO” from the playstore or appstore.

  1. Once the app is downloaded, open the app and click on “Member” and then click on “Balance/Passbook”.
  2. Now enter your UAN and registered mobile number. The system will send an OTP to your registered mobile number to verify your mobile number. After verification is done, you will eb able to see your updated EPF balance details on your mobile screens.

However, this process will only work if your UAN has been activated.

C. By sending a SMS.

For this process to work, your UAN should be integrated  with one of the following documents :

  • PAN Card
  • Adhaar Card
  • Bank Account Details

If your UAN is combined with your KYC details (one of the above mentioned documents) then follow the following steps :

  1. You need to type the following message in your mobile : EPFOHO UAN ENG

EPFOHO stands for the EPFO authority.

In place of UAN you will have to write your UAN number

In place of ENG, choose your preferred language.                                                                                                   Suppose my preferred language is Hindi, then I’ll have to type “EPFOHO UAN HIN”.

  1. Send the message to 7738299899 from your registered mobile number.

You will receive your EPF balance details sent to your registered mobile number as SMS from the EPFO.

D. By giving a missed call.

This also needs integration of your UAN and KYC details for this process to be successful. If your details are not integrated then you can take the help from your employer too. Once the integration is done follow the following steps :

  1. Give a missed call to 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number.
  2. After giving the missed call you will receive your PF balance details via SMS.

How to login in an EPF account (EPF Member Login)?

To login into your EPF account you will need to have your UAN generated and activated. After activating your UAN follow the following steps :

  1. Visit the UAN member portal https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  2. Enter your UAN and password.
  3. Enter the Captcha code.
  4. Click on “Sign in”

After you have clicked on the sign in button, the details you have entered such as your UAN and the password will be verified. The captcha code that you have entered also will be verified. After the verification of the details entered, if the details are correct then you will be further prompted to your EPF account. Once you have successfully logged in into your EPF account, you can enjoy the following services :

  • PF account balance.
  • Download PF passbook.
  • File transfer claim.
  • Register grievance
  • Other services.

If your details are incorrect the you will be prompted back to the sign in page and will have to enter the details again. To avoid filling incorrect details in the sign in page, it is advisable to enter the details carefully and before clicking on the sign in option it is advisable to cross check the details you have entered. Taking this precautionary steps will help you to feed in the correct information in the login page.

How to claim EPF online by linking UAN with Adhaar?

Claim Of Epf Online

Even though EPF is created by the government to give financial stability and benefits to the employee on retirement. Every pensioner depends on the EPF balance from the day of retirement. However, even after EPF claim is made, it takes a few months for the claim to be processed.

With the introduction of Adhaar card, this process is now very simple. To reduce the time required in claim of EPF and to ease the process of EPF withdrawal by the employees, the government of India has come up with a new initiative. Now you can link your Adhaar card with your UAN (Universal Account Number) and can get your PF claims processed in a couple of days, as less as 5days. Earlier this procedure would have taken months and also the employee would be required to get the attestation done by his employer.

However after the introduction of “Composite Claims Form”, the employee doesn’t need to get the attestation  done by his employer. Because of this, the time which was earlier required to process PF claims has been reduced largely.

The following steps will have to be followed to claim the EPF :-

  1. Log in to EPFO website https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  2. Under the “Manage” option click on “KYC”.
  3. Enter your bank details and adhaar card details in the space allocated.
  4. The employer will have to approve the details.
  5. You will receive an OTP in your registered mobile number for verification.
  6. Once you enter the OTP and your form is submitted, EPFO will accept your application and will initiate the EPF claim process.

EPF withdrawal in case of unemployment?

If an employee is unemployed for more than 1 month he can claim up to 75% of his PF. He can claim the remaining 25% if he remains unemployed for more than 2 months.

You will have to fill up the Composite form which is needed to be filled up in case of withdrawaals, transfers, advances and other payments. If your UAN is linked with your Adhaar then the process will be very simple as it will be done In the EPFO online portal.

However if you do not have your UAN and adhaar linked with each other, then you will have to visit the EPFO regional office to submit the withdrawal form of your EPF account.

The EPF withdrawal can be made in two ways :-

  1. If you have your Activated UAN and Adhaar linked, then you can simply log into the EPFO portal and submit the filled up “Composite Form” to initiate the withdrawal process.
  2. If you don’t have your UAN and Adhaar linked, then you need to fill up the “Composite form non Adhaar” and submit it to the regional EPFO office to initiate the withdrawal process.

About EPF Tax Benefits.

One of the most attractive benefits of the EPF Scheme is its Tax-saving benefit. Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961, an employee’s contribution to his EPF is deemed eligible for tax exemption i.e no tax will be levied on his contribution to his EPF. Also earnings generated through the EPF schemes, upto the extent of Rs 1.5 Lakhs are exempted from any kind of taxes. Because of these tax benefits provided to the EPF holders, they enjoy higher earnings from this scheme.

EPF rate of interest.

For the financial year 2019-20, the fixed rate of interest offered by the EPF schemes is 8.55%.

EPF Calculator.

The interest of EPF schemes is calculated in monthly basis. This is calculated by dividing the interest p.a. by 12 (number of months in a year).

For example :

If interest rate for the year is 8.55%. Therefore the interest offered per month is :

(8.55/12) = 0.71%

About EPF Schemes.

The EPF Scheme ( Employee Provident Fund) aims to provide financial security and stability to the employees all over the country, having a EPF account after their retirement. Every month the employer contributes 12% and the employee contributes 12 % from his salary towards the EPF. Based on this contributions a fixed rate of interest is provided to the employees per annum by the EPFO. EPFO or the Employee Provident Fund Organization manages the Provident Funds throughout the country.

EPFO customer care.

For any queries relating to your EPF, you can get in touch with the EPFO.


Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan,

14, Bhikaji Cama Place,

New Delhi-110066

  4. Zonal ACC Office UTTAR PARDESH.
  9. Zonal ACC Office BIHAR & JHARKHAND (PATNA).
  11. Zonal ACC Office RAJASTHAN.
  12. Zonal ACC Office HARYANA.
  13. Zonal ACC Office ORISSA (BHUBANESWAR).
  16. Zonal ACC Office GUJRAT (AHMEDABAD).
  18. Zonal ACC Office BANDRA.
  19. Zonal ACC Office THANE.


Employee Provident Fund is a very strong and useful financial tool that helps to stabilize and secure the financial condition of an employee post his retirement. However one should not depend on EPF as a sole source of income post retirement because in this scheme you will be getting a fixed return every month. And in today’s world where inflation is at its peak you will need another source of income to secure and stabilize your post retirement period.

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