Top 10 Easy & Scary Halloween Makeup For kids-2021

Top 10 Easy & Scary Halloween Makeup For kids

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Want to learn about halloween makeup for kids? First of all, Let’s talk about the festival “Halloween”. Halloween is observed in 31st October every year as the eve The Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. However as time progressed, Halloween is not just a catholic festival anymore rather it has turned into a joyful celebration which is celebrated throughout the globe by people of all religions, race and color.

Halloween activities are much more fun and are enjoyed by people of all age groups. Generally Halloween includes treat-o-treating, Parties, Carving pumpkins, costume parties, telling scary stories, watching scary movies etc.

The most fun part out of all the above activities for kids is to go trick-or-treating around their neighborhood after putting on a scary/cute costume along with face paint. Your kid would definitely want to got out wearing a eye catching costume along with scary makeup and enjoy the most out of the Halloween eve. So to make your kid happy and save some of your work we have noted a few ideas for easy Halloween makeup.

Here are top 10 ideas for Best Easy & Scary Halloween Makeup ideas for Kids:

♣ Cat with a hat face paint

Cat in a hat Makeup

What can be cuter that your little munchkin dressed as a Cute little kitten wearing a hat? For this makeup idea you don’t need to have much makeup items, just a little black face paint will do. This is one simple idea for Halloween makeup for boys.

 Things you need :

  1. A little black face paint.
  2. A colorful hat (Preferable your little ones favorite color).
  3. A bright colored outfit.

How to do it ?

Take some face paint and make a big circle on your kids nose. Fill it with the black color and paint some stripes around his/her face, like the moustaches that kitten have. Dress them up in their outfit and put the hat on their head.

A Cute kitten in a Hat costume is ready.

♣ Melted Ice cream face paint

Icecream Makeup

Ice-cream is your kids favorite desert? Then why not dress her up as a Ice-cream for Halloween? With the help of this idea you can make your kid look like her favorite ice-cream along with their favorite flavor. This is a cute idea of Halloween makeup for girls.

Things you need :

  1. Little face paint. (Pink for Strawberry & Brown for Chocolate etc)
  2. A hair band
  3. A little ice-cream cone (Made with paper and colored)
  4. A matching Outfit with the ice-cream flavor

How to do it?

Take some brown or pink face paint (Based on your child’s preference) and paint a on her forehead, covering a little part of her forehead, eyes and cheeks. Outline with a little deep color. Make a ice-cream cone figure using a paper and colors. Stick the cone to a hairband. Put it on her head and adjust it to make it look as if ice-cream fell over her head. Dress her up in a matching costume.

Your little angel’s Adorable Ice-cream outfit is ready.

♣ Deer Face Paint

Deer Makeup

Doesn’t have much of makeup items at home to make your little one shine on Halloween? With just white and brown eye shadows and a black eye-liner you can make a cute deer face paint for your little one.

Things you need :

  1. White and Brown eye shadows.
  2. Black Eye liner.

How to do it ?

Use the Brown eye shadows and paint a part of your face near your eyebrows and cheeks. Now use the white eye shadows and make a few white marks around the face just like the white spot on the deer’s face. After that take the black eye liner and paint your nose  and draw a small line towards your upper lips.

A cute deer face paint is ready.

♣ Scary Skull face paint

Skull Makeup

Want to make something scary? Why not create a skull face paint.

Things you need :

  1. White Face Paint.
  2. Black Face Paint

How to do it ?

Take some white face paint and draw a circle around the eye, nose and cheeks like the picture given above. Now take the black face paint and mark the outline of the circle. Also with the black face paint, draw some marks around your face like a skull. Again draw a small nose like structure over your nose in the black face paint.

The scary skull face paint is ready to scare everyone on Halloween night.

♣ Giraffe Face Paint

Giraffe Makeup

Have some brown eye shadows? Then let’s make a giraffe out of it.

Things you need :

  1. Brown Eye Shadow

How to do it?

Take some brown eye shadows and make some patches on your forehead and cheeks. The patches on your face should resemble the patches of a giraffe. You can also put some eye shadows over the eyes as well.

A beautiful Giraffe Face is ready.

♣ Cat Face paint

CAT face paint Makeup

Things you need :

  1. Bronzer and Blush.
  2. Black Face paint.
  3. A little lipstick

How to do it?

Apply some bronzer and blush on the cheeks. Make the leopard pattern on the face with some black and bronze face paint. Put some black face pain on your nose and also some lipstick over your lips.

The elegant face paint is ready.

♣ Scarecrow Face Paint

Scarecrow Makeup

Your little one loves the country? He loves the farms and green fields? Well then we have the perfect makeup for him for halloween.

Things you need :

  1. A very little yellow face paint.
  2. A checkered shirt.
  3. A Hat.

How to do it ?

Take the yellow paint and apply a little paint on the tip of the nose. Dress him up in a checkered shirt, pants and a hat.

Scarecrow face paint is ready.

♣ Lion Face Paint

Lion Makeup

How about we make a fierce avatar out of your little one this Halloween? With a very limited makeup goods you can transform your kid into a fierce lion.

Things you need :

  1. Bronzer.
  2. Black Face Paint.

How to do it ?

This face paint style is all about art. Use the bronzer and the black face paint to draw a lion just like in the picture above.  Draw in in such a way that the eye falls right in the position the lions eye. Outline it with the black face paint.

The fierce lion face paint is ready.

♣ Fox Face Paint

Fox Makeup

Things you need :

  1. A little black face paint.
  2. Bunny ear headband.
  3. A matching outfit of any color.

How to do it :

Take some black paint and apply it over the nose like in the picture. Put the bunny headband over the head. Use a matching set of out fit.

A very cute and adorable Bunny face paint is ready.

♣ Sally from “ The nightmare before Christmas” Face Paint

Sally Makeup

Your little one is a fan of Sally from “The night before Christmas”? Then why not dress her up as Sally for Halloween? Sally face paint will be a perfect Halloween witch makeup idea for your little one.

Things you need :

  1. Blue eye shadow.
  2. Kohl Stick.
  3. Lipstick.
  4. Light blue Face paint (For the blue base)

How to do it :

Apply some light blue face color all over the face. With the help of the black kohl stick, make some lines and patterns just like shown on the picture. Use the blue eye shadow over the eyes to give a gloomy look. Accompany the gloomy look with a bright shade of lipstick.

Sally from the night before Christmas is ready to go trick-or-treating.

This are some easiest and simple Halloween makeup ideas.

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