Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Family, Friends & Employees in 2021

Diwali Gifts

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Diwali is the festival of light, which marks the victory of Good over Evil. On this very auspicious day Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana, after 14 years of Exile along with his wife, Sita and Brother Lakhsman. To celebrate his return, the people of Ayodhya lit lamps and bursts crackers in their homes. Ever since then Diwali has been celebrated as festival of light. On this day various diwali gifts are exchanged between friends and relatives. Also to boost up the morale of the employees and to encourage a healthy work environment, the employers give gifts and bonus to their employees on the occasion of Diwali.

Here are a few Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Family, Friend & Employees:

1. Chocolates & Sweets

Chocolate And Sweets gifts

To make the most out of a festival, just add some sweetness to it. And for adding sweetness into the festival, nothing is better than chocolates and sweets. Sweets are considered as a best gifts during a festival or any occasion because almost everyone love sweets.  Sweets can be treated as a symbol of love and is appreciated by everyone. This makes sweet an ideal gift idea for Family, friends and employees on the occasion of Diwali.

2. Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns gifts

If you are a person who is concerned about all the bad effects of fire crackers on the eve of Diwali, then Sky Lanterns which are also known as Kongming Lantern are the perfect gift idea for you during Diwali. Sky lantern is like a hit air balloon that flies in the sky when the candle is lit under the lantern. Sky lanterns are available in various colors and look magnificent when they fly and hover around the sky at night. They also doesn’t cause any pollution and are environment friendly.

3. Aromatic Candles

Aromatic Candles gifts

Everyone likes sweet fragrance around them. This is why Aromatic Candles are a very popular choice as a gift during various occasions. Aromatic candles comes in many shapes, colors and designs which make them an ideal decoration item for the living room or the bedroom. If you love sweet fragrance and wants to fill your family or friends home with sweet fragrance then Aromatic Candles are a very good gift idea for you.

4. Home Decoration Items

Home Decor Gifts

A cute little statue or a bonsai plant or a wall clock? This questions generally pop up whenever we think about gifting a beautiful decorative item to someone close to us. Also who doesn’t like a beautiful show piece in their house? So why don’t you gift your family, friends or employees by gifting them with a decorative piece? If you want to impress your employees or clients and charm them with your taste in art then Decorative Items are the best Idea for you to gift someone this Diwali.

5. Crockery

Crockery gifts

This is probably the most common and most appreciated gift which is exchanged between families. A fancy dinner set or a beautiful culinary set is often gifted by people to each other during various festivals and occasions. This is because crockery falls under the category of essential goods for all households and therefore is one of the best gift ideas for Diwali.

6. Gift Cards & OTT Subscriptions

Gifts Cards

Gift cards and OTT subscriptions is best gift ideas for employees and young family members. Also this year i.e. 2020 because of the Covid – 19 situation people can no longer relax with their families inside a fancy restaurant or a theatre. Hence in order to let everyone have a good time with their families and friends you can gift definitely go for a gift card or OTT subscription a s a Diwali gift idea for employees and friends.

7. A Plant or a flower

Flower or a Plant gifts

Now-a-days with increase in pollution, the oxygen in the atmosphere is getting polluted. In order to increase awareness about the environment among your family and friends you can definitely choose a plant or a flower as a Diwali gift idea.

Also a beautiful flower or a plant not only adds to the environment but also beautifies the surroundings. Also a flower is often a symbol of love and gratitude. So a flower or a plant as a gift is definitely a very good choice.

8. Electronic Gadgets

Electronic Gadgets

Electronic gadgets is also a very good choice for Diwali gift idea. During the occasion of Diwali the electronic stores can be seen crowded by customers. This is because in India, during Diwali , Companies manufacturing Electronic Gadgets come up with massive discount offers which go up to almost 75% discount. This is why you get a electronic gadget at a very low price. Therefore if you want to surprise your family with a new TV or a Smartphone then Diwali is the ideal time for you to do so. This makes electronic gadgets a best gift option for family.

9. Personalized Frames

Personalized Frames

If you are good at art and want to shower your loved once with a gift which will remain close to their heart for ever then you can go for making personalized frames. Personalized frames give you a chance to show your creativity and also your dedication towards your family. The efforts that you will make in creating a personalized frame will help your family understand the love you have for them.

So if you want to show everyone how much you love them, then personalized dress is definitely one of the  best gift ideas for you.

10. Personalized Happy Box

Personalized Happy Box

Just like a personalized frame, a personalized gift box is also a very heart warming and lovely gift that you can gift it to your family and friends. A personalized happy box generally contains a few chocolates or sweets along with a message for your family members and friends or employees wishing them on the occasion of Diwali.

Also if you are an employer, your employees will also appreciate you and respect you if you manage to send them a personalized Happy Box.


So if you want to impress your family and friends then a personalized happy Box is definitely a best gift idea for you to gift it to your friends and family.

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