Aadhaar Card Download: Complete These 5 Steps to Download e-Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar Card Download

Aadhaar is one of the most important and essential document in India. It is necessary for various government verifications. The government of India has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar with PAN while filing income tax returns.  Also you are supposed to produce your Aadhaar card when you apply for a new PAN Card. It is also mandatory to produce your Aadhaar card while enjoying various schemes and benefits offered by the state and central government such as LPG Gas Subsidy, Pension, and various other social welfare schemes of the Indian government. With the help of Aadhaar card download you can instantly avail a personal loan up to Rs. 25Lakhs to help you fulfill your financial needs.

In India, UIDAI (The Unique Identification Authority of India) is the responsible for management of Aadhaar. UIDAI allows individuals to get their Aadhaar card in physical form or in the form of e- Aadhaar (Electronic Aadhaar). UIDIAI’s online portal allows Aadhaar card holders to download e- Aadhaar card online.

To avail the benefits of Aadhaar, you need to have your Aadhaar card with you. You can perform the task of Aadhaar card download by following the following steps:

Download e- Aadhaar online in 5 Steps

You need to follow the mentioned steps to download Aadhaar card by Aadhaar number (The number printed on you Aadhaar card):

1. Keep your Aadhaar Card or Enrollment ID in handy

You will need your Aadhaar number or the enrollment ID to download Aadhaar card by Aadhaar card number. Aadhaar Number is the unique 12 digit unique number which is given to you and is printed on your Aadhaar Card by the Unique Identification Authority of India.

In case you don’t have your Aadhaar card with you then you will need to have the enrollment ID to download e- Aadhaar card. Enrollment ID is the unique number which is given to you when you apply for an Aadhaar Card from a Aadhaar enrollment center.

2. Visit the UIDAI’s official Website ( www.uidia.gov.in )

Visit the UIDAI official portal at www.uidai.com and find the section “Aadhaar Online Services”. Under this section you will find “Download Aadhaar”.  Click on “Download Aadhaar”, a form will appear. You will need to fill in various details in the form.

Aadhaar Card Download Form


  1. The first section of the form will ask you to specify whether you have your Aadhaar ID or Enrollment ID.
  2. The Next choice that you will get is to choose whether You want a regular Aadhaar or a Masked Aadhaar Card.

A Regular Aadhaar card will have all your personal information printed on your Aadhaar card            including your Aadhaar number.                                                                                                                                    A Masked Aadhaar Card will also have all your personal information printed on the Aadhaar card except your Aadhaar number. In a masked Aadhaar Card, the first eight digit of your Aadhaar number will be replaced with some characters such as “xxxx-xxxx”. Only the last four digit of your Aadhaar number will be visible.

  1. The next section of the form is for you to fill in your personal details. Personal Details which will be required to fill in are:
  2. Enrollment ID/VID.
  3. Your Full Name.
  4. Pin Code of your address.
  5. A Security Code or a Captcha.
  6. If you have a TOTP or the Time based One Time Password then select “Yes, I have TOTP. Do not send me OTP”. If you don’t have TOTP then simply leave this option and proceed to the next section.

3. After filling up the form request for OTP

The next section of the form will ask you to enter your TOTP. If you don’t have a TOTP then simply click on “Request OTP”.

4. Check and Carefully Enter the OTP

After clicking on “Request OTP”, you will receive an OTP which will be sent to your registered mobile number (the phone number which is attached to your Aadhaar card). Carefully fill in the OTP in the assigned space.

Download Adhaar Card Password

5. Download e- Aadhaar Card

After entering the OTP click on “Download Aadhaar”. Your Aadhaar will start to download on your mobile phone or computer in PDF format.

After your Aadhaar is downloaded open the PDF file. You will notice that the file is password protected. This implies that you will require a password to open your e- Aadhaar card.

The password of this PDF file will be the first four letters of your name along with your birth year. Make sure that the first four letters of your name are entered in uppercase (Capitals).

For example, suppose your name is Joseph and you were born on 1986. Then your e- Aadhaar password will be JOSE1986.

Details you need to get Aadhaar in your registered mobile number.

You can get your Aadhaar in your mobile number. For this you will have to get your mobile registered with UIDAI. Also you will need to furnish a few details such as:

  1. Enrollment ID.
  2. Mobile Number.
  3. Date and Time (DD/MM/YY, HH:MM:SS).
  4. Security Code or Captcha.

How to link your mobile number to Aadhaar card?

For getting your Aadhaar card in your mobile number. To register your mobile number you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Check your nearest Enrollment Center by visiting the official UIDAI website https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/easearch.aspx

Enrollment center

Step 2: For the next step you need to fill in the Aadhaar Form.

Step 3: Carefully fill out all the details of the form and then mention the mobile number that you want to update in your Aadhaar.

Step 4: When you will submit the Update Form, you will need to submit a photocopy of your Aadhaar Card and also a proof of identity such as Passport, Voter ID Card.

Step 5: After submitting the form the Aadhaar Executive will take your biometrics in the enrollment center. They will take your thumb impression and retina scan. The biometrics will be then verified.

Step 6: After the Biometrics verification is done you will be given an acknowledgement slip confirming your link request.

Normally it takes 2-5 working days for the updating process to complete. However in the UIDAI guidelines it is mentioned that updation might take up to 10 days to complete.

After the process is complete, your mobile number will be linked to your Aadhaar.

How to change your registered phone number on Aadhaar Card?

The process of changing the mobile number registered with Aadhaar is much simple. To change your mobile number you don’t need to carry any documents or visit the Aadhaar Enrollment Center. You can change your registered mobile number from your home by simply following this simple steps:

Step 1; Make sure that the mobile number which was previously registered with your Aadhaar is still functioning and is in handy.

Step 2: Visit the UIDAI website (https://uidai.gov.in/ ) and find the “Aadhaar Services” section.

Step 3: There you will find the option “Verify Email/Mobile Number”. Click on it.

Step 4: The following page will appear. Enter your Aadhaar Number and the previous registered mobile number. After filling up the required details click on “Send OTP”. The OTP will be sent to your previously registered mobile number.

Number Updation

Step 5: Enter the OTP and submit it. You will be redirected to another page where you will be able to update various details including your mobile number and email ID.

Step 6: Now enter the mobile new mobile number and click on submit.

Your Aadhaar Card’s registered mobile number will be updated.

Lost Your Aadhaar Card? Get it on your phone.

In case you have lost your Aadhaar card, you can always get it on your phone. UIDAI provides online services where you can get your Aadhaar if it is lost. In order to get your Aadhaar on your phone follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the official UIDAI website(https://uidai.gov.in/).
  2. Find the “Aadhaar Services” section and click on “ Retrieve Lost or Forgotten EID/UID” under this section.
  3. The following form will appear:

Lost your Adhaar Card


  1. Fill in the details such as your Aadhaar Number (UID), Enrollment ID (EID), Your full name, Registered Mobile number or email address.
  2. Enter the Captcha for the Captcha Verification carefully.
  3. If you have TOTP then click on “Enter TOTP”.
  4. If you don’t have TOTP then click on “Enter OTP”. The OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  5. Enter the OTP carefully and click on Submit.
  6. After successful verification of the details you will get a message on the screen displaying “Congratulations! Your Aadhaar Number (UID) is sent to your Mobile.”

Your UID will be sent to your registered mobile number. You can also download your Aadhaar in the digital format to your mobile from the UIDAI website in PDF format.

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