Weighing Machine: Top10 Best Weighing Machines online in India 2021

Weighing Machine

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Did someone call you overweight? Are you feeling weak? Do you want to achieve your dream weight and wear your favorite “Lehenga” to a wedding? Or is the your “Kurta” not fitting you anymore? Do you need to keep a constant check on your weight? Well in such cases the best help that you will get apart from your diet and daily exercise is a weighing machine.

Along with heavy exercise, monitoring your weight with a weighing machine helps you to remain motivated and encourages you to work hard to achieve your ideal weight.

What is a weighing machine?

A weighing machine is a digital/analog machine that helps us to measure our weight. To measure our weight on a weighing machine we need to stand on the weighing machine. As soon as we stand on it, our weight is measured and is displayed on the small screen located on the top of the weighing machine.

Types of Weighing Machines in India :

There are basically two kinds of weighing machine available in the market :-

1. Digital Weighing Machine;

Digital weighing machines or Electric weighing machines are those kind of weighing machine which are powered by a battery and are chargeable. The result in a Digital Weighing Machine is displayed on the small LED Screen located on the top of the weighing machine.

2. Analog Weighing Machine;

An Analog weighing machine is the one which is not powered by any battery or any power source and works with the help of springs located inside the machine. The result displayed in an analog machine is displayed on a regular glass panel located in the top of the machine.

Now a days Analog Weighing machines have been replaced by Digital Weighing Machines as the result of Digital weighing machines are much more accurate than the result of a Analog Machine.

Purchasing Guide for buying a best weighing machine in India 2021;

In order to choose an ideal weighing scale for, you need to keep a certain things in your mind. They are :

A. Size

The first and foremost thing to consider while buying a weighing machine is its size. If you want to keep the weighing machine in your bathroom or kitchen there is no point in buying a big machine. Hence you should check the size of the machine before buying it.

B. Requirement

The next thing to consider is the requirement of the machine i.e. for what purpose you need a weighing machine for. If you need one for measuring your weight then you can go for a weighing machine that can measure up to 150Kgs. In case you need the weighing machine for your business or weighing very heavy goods then you should definitely buy a industrial weighing machine.

C. Accuracy

Accuracy plays a major role in determining ideal weighing machines. Several machines in the market often fail to give accurate readings and hence do not benefit the user. So you should check the accuracy of the machine before buying it.

Top 10 Best Weighing Machines in India 2021

Here is a list of top 10 weighing machines of India in 2020.

1. Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale

Hoffen Weighing machine

Hoffen weighing scale is one of the most trusted brands out there in the market that deals in weighing scales. It is among one of the best weighing machine brands.

With the saying “Yesterday You Said Tomorrow” printed on it, it motivates the user to work hard in achieving his/her ideal weight.

Features :

  • High precision strain gauge sensor system
  • Tempered Glass 280 x 280 mm
  • Capacity 2.3 -180 Kg

Review :

This is one of the few weighing machines out there which let the user know if there is any kind of damage done to the body of the weighing machine. Also the tempered glass which comes equipped in the machine is very hard and is not easily breakable. It can measure up-to a minimum weight of 2.3 Kg’s up to 180kg. If the design would have been a little better and stylish it would have been a 5 star product for me.

2. Venus Electronic Digital LCD Body Weighing Machine

venus weighing machine

With a stylish design and efficient reading, Venus Electronic Digital LCD Body Weighing Machine comes second in our list. It is the best weighing machine brands.

With a super light weight body, it comes equipped with a G sensor for giving out accurate readings. It is the best lightweight weighing machine.

Features :

  • Super light-weight, G sensor for high accuracy, sense on technology, LCD display, Venus in India provides limited one year warranty
  • Weigh range 5-180 kg
  • Please remove the plastic cover from the battery for the weighing scale to run and do not move the scale in switched on mode

Review :

This weighing scale comes equipped with a G-senor that gives high accuracy as compared to other weighing machines. It is very light weight and is very stylish in its looks.

3. Jigva Vepson Glass Electronic Digital Weight Machine

Jigva Weighing machine

Jigya Vepson is another company manufacturing weighing machines. They have focused on making the weighing machines more compact and small.

This scale is best weighing scale in India.

Features :

  • Automatic Switch off and automatic resetting sensor.
  • Length – 25cm height – 21 cm width – 0.5 cm
  • Weighing range : 5kg to 180 kg
  • Material : glass

Review :

This weighing scale is compact in size and has some good features like automatic switch off and auto resetting sensor. However many users have complained about the size being too small and readings being very inaccurate.

4. Venus Digital Electronic Bathroom Scale

Venus Weighing scale

Venus Digital Electronic Bathroom scale has an inbuilt high precision strain gauge sensor and also a very thick tempered glass 300 * 300mm making it one of the most light weight & the best weighing machine in India 2020.

It is best bathroom weighing machine in India.

Features :

  • High Precision Strain gauge sensor.
  • Super lightweight tempered glass.
  • G sensor for high accuracy, sense on technology.
  • LCD Display with back light.

Review :

With the given features it is one of the most sought after weighing machines. However warranty provided with this weighing machine is for 1 year and it would have been beneficial for the users if the warranty period of this product could be extended.

5. Health Sense Weighing scales

Health Weighing machine

Weighing scales provided by health sense have a pure classic appearance that gives it a very classy look. It is a made in India product proving users with accurate weighing results.

Features :

  • LCD display
  • Classic wavy design with a wide (30*30) foot space.
  • Weight Range : 3-180kgs

Review :

This is one of the best weighing scales available in the market with only one problem associated with this product, i.e. this weighing machine is quite expensive based on the features provided with it.

6. ASkyl Personal Digital Bathroom Scales

Askyl Weighing machine

This is one of the most popular and high rated bathroom scales available today.

With high user ratings on amazon and 4 precision senors to its aid, Askyl Personal Digital Bathroom Scales delivers accurate results in its big LCD screen, making it easier for the user to read the results.

Features :

  • Maximum weight 180kgs
  • Big LCD Display
  • Elegant Design
  • 4 precision sensors

Review :

With an elegant design and high accuracy rate, Askyl Bathroom scale is an ideal choice for a bathroom scale. However the batteries doesn’t come along the weighing scale inside the box which is the only con of this weighing scale.

7. Activex Tempered Glass Weighing Scale

Askyl Weighing machine

With a black and grey finish, Activex Tempered Glass Weighing Scale is a very attractive weighing scale with cool patterns drawn over its body. In terms of accuracy it is also a very efficient product delivering accurate results.

Features :

  • Very attractive Design
  • High Accuracy
  • Maximum weight up to 180kg

Review :

It is a very stylish looking weighing scale that has a very high accuracy rate. The only problem is that it does not have a backlight which makes it difficult for the users to read the results in a dark room.

8. Isabella Thick Tempered Glass weighing scale

Isabella weighing scale

Do you want a stylish weight scale with a tough tempered glass and high rate of accuracy? If yes then Isabella thick tempered Glass weighing scale is the right choice for you.

With high precision gauge sensor system, 6-8MM thick Tempered glass and a very stylish design , Isabella weighing scale is an ideal choice for you.

Features :

  • High precision strain gauge sensor.
  • 6-8MM Thick Tempered Glass
  • Stylish Design
  • Maximum Weight : 180Kg

Review :

Despite of all the jaw dropping features, Users have complained about the machine being very fragile and inaccurate. Even after having High precision gauge sensor it fails to deliver accurate results. Some users have also complained about the LCD Display saying that it is very difficult to read because of its small size.

9. Piesome electronic thick tempered glass weighing scales

Piesome weighing scale

Piesome electronic thick tempered glass weighing scale has a similar design structure like that of Isabella weighing scale. This weighing scale comes equipped with a step-on-technology i.e. you don’t need a switch to start the machine.

All you have to do is stand on it and immediately it will calculate your results and display it in the big LCD Screen.

Features :

  • Step-on-technology : No switch to start.
  • Extra large back light and LCD screen.
  • Ultra Slim Design
  • Max Weight : 180 Kg

Review :

The only problem with this weighing scale is its inaccuracy. Many users have complained that this weighing scale is inaccurate and displays different result for the same weight at the same time.

10. Dr. Trust (USA) Electronic Platinum Rechargeable electronic weighing scale

Dr Trust weighing machine

Dr. Trust (USA) Electronic Platinum Rechargeable electronic weighing scale is a strong and unbreakable weighing scale. It is made in such a way that it is able to deliver 100% accurate results to its users. This is powered by 3AAA batteries which are rechargeable and ensures that your weigh monitoring never stops because of complete battery exhaustion.

Also this weighing machine has an app compatible with both Android Mobiles and IOS Mobiles which makes it easier for the users their weight monitoring journey.

Features :

  • Rechargeable 3AAA batteries
  • Sensor technology for accuracy
  • Tracks multiple users data on mobiles via an app
  • Max weight : 180kg

Review :

This weighing scale comes equipped with a G-senor that gives high accuracy as compared to other weighing machines. It can track data of multiple users via a mobile app. It is very classy in its looks and has a very strong built making it almost unbreakable.

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